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In 2011 Jerripedia joined forces with Google to provide satellite views and maps of locations throughout Jersey which are featured on the site, to help those not familiar with the island, but interested in its history, to establish the exact location of streets and roads and places of interest.

We were able to offer an up-to-date view of the locations where many of our historic images were taken, using Google StreetView

Sadly we have had to remove these links because the latest version of some web browsers, notably Mozilla Firefox, cannot read the code required to pinpoint particular places and views on Google Maps, and blank pages were being displayed.

So, with apologies to those Jerripedia visitors who use browsers which could display the street and satellite views, they are no longer available. We are trying to find a solution to this problem, but regrettably we are unable to classify this as a high priority in competition with other Jerripedia content.

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