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It is not possible to upload GEDCOM files to Donkipedia and Jerripedia. This is a different type of history site from those containing full family trees in the Gedcom format. Here you are encouraged to use descendancies, which start with an individual and show successive generations with information about all sibilings, following male lines down as far as possible.

You can easily link between one tree and others using internal wiki links. Have a look at the example below to see how the basic structure works. Don't worry if you do not feel competent to create your own trees. You can always contact us ( - please use Jerripedia as the subject of your email) and arrange to send data which we will build into a tree for you.

Golden Rules

  • Do not upload any copyright material
  • Do not upload a private family tree you have received without permission
  • Do not upload any details of living people, unless it is public domain information about celebrities or other public figures. As a general guide, use a cut-off point of 1900 for members of family trees


For examples of family trees, see:

Other styles are acceptable, but the descendancy shows the maximum possible amount of information while being easy to interpret on Donkipedia/Jerripedia pages

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