Hill’s Historical Directory of the Channel Islands (1874)

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The first attempt to create a Directory for the whole of the Channel Islands. It was published by J W Hill & Co in 1874. In addition to a directory of all the major households and commercial enterprises in the islands, there was a detailed introduction to each island, and each island parish, giving details of its history and geography.


Aware of the arduous task we have undertaken in being the first who have attempted a complete Historical and Commercial Directory of the Channel Islands, it is with some diffidence that we submit it to the public. Trusting, however, that, in proportion to the difficulties we have had to encounter, the candid reader will make all due allowance; and if the work in particular proves equal to the labour and trouble we have had in its compilation, we shall consider ourselves repaid. The want of a previous work of the same description has laid us under great difficulties, and, although the collecting the necessary statistics wherewith to compile this "first work" has occupied a little longer time than was originally anticipated, we trust all reasonable allowance will be readily admitted; and, in presenting it to its numerous subscribers, we beg respectfully to return our grateful acknowledgements. J. W. Hill & Co, Proprietors.
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