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Hugues de Saint Philibert Gardien of Jersey 1226

Overseas service

Hugues (Hugh) de St Philibert was King John's service overseas in 1206, and bringing prisoners back to England. He joined the Barons against John, but returned to his faith and service in 1217. In 1223 he was a commissioner for sale of windfalls in Windsor Forest, and, in 1224 he was appointed to guard a section of the coast. In 1230 he was in charge of shipping and transport for Henry's abortive expedition into France. He died in or before 1240.

The family is presumed to be named after Saint Philibert, who died in 684 AD.

Jersey appointment

St Philibert was appointed Gardien of Jersey in February 1226 as a deputy to Geoffrey de Lucy, who was Warden of the Isles but the two appear to have left office together in May of that year on the appointment of Richard de Gray as Warden of the Isles.

On 11 February 1226 the King sent arms to both St Philibert and de Lucy, and each received 250 loivres for the pay of knights and sergeants who protected the islands. On 15 February de Lucy was reimbursed 19 marks for the arms he had supplied to St Philibert.

On 29 June, after Richard de Gray had taken over, St Philibert received a further 100 marks from the King for expenses incurred while he was in charge.

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