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Ivy House, St Aubin


Sometimes claimed to be the oldest house in St Aubin, this accolade is open to question, says Joan Stevens, who nevertheless places the house in the first volume of her Old Jersey Houses, without attributing any date, or even period, to it. [1]

She makes reference to a gable stone inscribed AGP, another MSV or MSW, at the front, and another AGP at the rear. The Jersey Datestone Register confirms MSW, AGF rather than AGP, and, at the rear, interprets the stone as reading AGP MSW, for Abraham Giffard and Marie Seward, who were marred in St Brelade on 15 July 1685.

If that date, or one close to it, is correct for Ivy House, it puts it within the range of properties in the first volume of Old Jersey Houses.

Marie, who was born in 1666 and not yet 19 when she married, was the daughter of William Seward.

The Giffards of St Brelade were nowhere near as numerous a family as branches in other parishes. They can be traced back to Edouard (1629- ) who married Rachel Le Filliastre in 1641. Quite which branch of the family Edouard came from is unknown, but there are church records for Giffards back to the middle of the 16th century.

Notes and references

  1. OJH I, 170
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