Jean Perraunt and Thomas Pykworth

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Jean Perraunt and Thomas Pykworth Warden of the Isles 1405

Edward, Duke of York, who was Lord of the Isles in the early 15th century, fell out with King Henry IV early in his reign and Jean Perraunt, who had earlier taken possession of the islands for warden Sir John Golafre, was again sent there, although whether or not he held the title of Warden is not known.

Later in 1405, on 11 May, Henry appointed Thomas Pykworth as Warden for Jersey and Jean de Lisle for Guernsey.

Virtually nothing is known about Perraunt, either in relation to his family background or his career.

Much the same is true of Pykworth, although there is a record of him accompanying Richard Bishop of Bangor; Thomas Lord Camoys; Sir Richard Aston, Lieutenant of Calais; Nicholas de Ryssheton, professor of law; Sir John Croft, and others to negotiate with the Ambassadors of Margaret Duchess of Burgundy and Countess of Flanders on 12 November 1404.

On 11 March 1410 Sir Thomas Pykworth, Sir William Bardolf, and Sir John Bagot were added to Sir Richard de Aston and his colleagues, for the prosecution of the cause of the Bishop of Rochester against the duke of Burgundy.

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