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Jean de Clyvedon Warden of the Isles 1234-1325

de Clyvedon may have been appointed Warden earlier than the dates shown. He was appointed by the King because of the "negligence" of Lord of the Isles Otto de Grandison and in 1325 he was discharged having requested his release because he said that the islands had no need of a special Warden because Otto had appointed Gerard Dorme as his lieutenant.

This was probably Girart Derous, who is shown as Warden in some lists from 1323-1331 "sire Girart Derous, gardien des ysles de Guernerye Gersye e de autres a celes apartentntes" in a complaint from the Abbot of Mont St Michel to the King of England.

Derous first appeared in the islands as an itinerant justice in 1323.

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