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Jersey people are traditionally known as crapauds (toads). According to a Guernsey legend, St Samson of Dol arrived in Jersey but encountered such a hostile reception in the then-pagan island that he proceeded on to Guernsey. The welcome being much warmer in Guernsey, he repaid the inhabitants of that island by sending all the snakes and toads from Guernsey to Jersey.


Belief in witchcraft was formerly strong in Jersey, and survived in country areas well into the 20th century. Witches were supposed to hold their sabbats on Fridays at Rocqueberg, the Witches' Rock, in St Clement. Folklore preserves a belief that witches' stones on old houses were resting places for witches flying to their meetings.

La Fête Nouormande

Every third year Jersey hosts La fête Nouormande, a folk festival centering on the Norman culture and heritage of the island, which attracts performers and visitors from Guernsey and the continent.

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