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Sir Philip Bailhache

The Jersey and Guernsey Law Review is published three times a year, under the editorship of former Bailiff of Jersey, Sir Philip Bailhache.

The Jersey Law Review was founded in 1997 and changed its name, with effect from 1 January 2007, to the Jersey and Guernsey Law Review. The first issue of the revised title was published in February 2007.

The change was brought about by the desire of many lawyers in both Jersey and Guernsey to work more closely together and to emphasize the common elements of the jurisprudence of both bailiwicks.

The Jersey and Guernsey Law Review exists to promote “the development of the laws of Jersey and Guernsey and the encouragement of interest therein.” It contains articles on a wide variety of subjects that will be of interest beyond the Channel Islands not only to judges and lawyers of other small jurisdictions but also to students of comparative law.


Printed copies of the three annual publications are available on subscription, but one year after publication the articles are posted to the Jersey Law website.


Although the content of the Review is aimed at, and largely of interest only to lawyers and students of law, there are a number of articles of more general and historical content, likely to be of interest to visitors to Jerripedia. These are indexed below with links to the relevant pages of the Review website:

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