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La Coupée, Sark in pencil and wash
St Brelade's Bay
La Collette, 1815 by John Tobias Young. A strange composition, because the two inns on the right (which have long since disappeared) appear totally at odds with the artist's usual style, as exemplified by the remainder of the painting
La Rocque

There were probably two artists called John Young alive in England in the second half of the 18th and early 19th centuries, and they may have been father and son. Either or both of them may also have gone by the name Tobias. One is shown as born in Southampton in 1786 and dying in Guernsey in 1828, but another is shown as dying in Southampton at the age of 69 in 1924, which would give him a birth date of 1855.

The probability that they were father and son is heightened by a record of John Young and Tobias Young sharing the same Southampton address in 1811. This is about the time that John Young is believed to have moved to Jersey, where he produced a number of excellent landscapes. He tackled the much-recorded subject of Jersey's coastline from a different perspective to many of his contemporaries by painting from some distance inland, looking out over the shore.

His painting of Gorey is not dated, but was believed to have been completed in 1815, when the old wooden jetty had long since disappeared and the replacement granite structure had not yet been started. The two other paintings of Jersey on this page were also undertaken in 1815.

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