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Kine' Brewery


This article by Francis Bois was first published in the 1977 Annual Bulletin of La Société Jersiaise


Bottles discovered

In October 1976 a number of bottles were found in the roof space of a wash-house at Les Ruettes, St Saviour, among them being some marked Kine's Brewing Co Ltd. One of the bottles is now at the Pier Road Museum, and here follows a short history of the brewery so far as the name Kine is concerned.

Originally Andrews' Springfield Brewery, the brewery premises were at 7 Springfield Terrace, Trinity Road. The business of Kine's Old Springfield Brewery was established there in 1857 by Thomas Kine who, with his brother William, bought the premises in 1872 from the Andrews family. The Jersey Express Almanac for 1865, which shows Thomas Kine as a brewer carrying on business in Trinity Road, also shows Z Banks as carrying on business at the New Springfield Brewery, 3 Trinity Road, and this is probably why Kine's Brewery took the name of the Old Springfield Brewery.

The Kines feature in Hill's Historical Almanac of the Channel Islands, from which one gathers that Thomas Kine was also a manufacturer of soda water, lemonade and ginger beer, as well as a billiard room proprietor. His addresses are given as 37 La Motte Street and 8 Charing Cross.

Brothers sell out

In 1877 Thomas sold his half share of the brewery premises to William and in 1891 William sold out to Francois Le Sueur. Though the Kines disappeared from the scene, their name was retained when the premises were leased under the name of Kine's Old Springfield Brewery in 1909 for 14 years to a newly-formed company, Kine's Brewing Co Ltd.

The venture did not last for long. A composition with the creditors was made in 1912 and the business was taken over by a new Company, Kine's Brewing Company (1912) Ltd, of which Mr Fred Clarke, of C Le Masurier Ltd, was a founder member. The lease of 7 Springfield Terrace was cancelled in 1913, and printed labels on the bottles show that they came to be used for Hills and Underwood's table vinegar.

The bottles are of the internal screw stopper type and the description of the brewery embossed on them shows clearly that they were made for the company formed in 1909. In the Shire Album Bottles and Bottle Collecting by A A C Hodges, bottles of this type are said to date from about 1910, so that these bottles must be among the very earliest of their kind. Unfortunately, no screw stoppers were found with them.

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