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Historic Jersey buildings

L'Aiguillon, Grouville


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Property name



Route des Cotils, junction with Rue Malo

Type of property

Georgian house, possibly with earlier origins, but altered in the 1960s

Families associated with the property


Readings and interpretations of the property's datestones have varied from source to source, causing considerable confusion

  • 17 EVD MLB 33 - On a 1969 extension, for Edouard Vaudin (Tr) and Marie Le Brun (St S) who married in Trinity on 25 April 1714. [1]
  • 18 PN MV 05 - For Philippe Noel, of Grouville, and Marie Vicq, who married in the bride's home parish of St Clement in 1780. Interpreted in Old Jersey Houses as M Noel, which seems unlikely
  • PML SR 1817 - For Philippe Mallet and Susanne Renouf, who married in St Martin in 1816 [2]
  • HLP, or HLR A window with curiously carved side jambs, a stylised pot of flowers and moulding, and below this the cut portion of a stone with HLP. These stones are unique in Jersey - Old Jersey Houses II, 90

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

A fine example of a Georgian house with the added interest of unusual carved window jambs which may indicate evidence of an earlier property. The house and its outbuildings were altered in the 1960s. Shown on the Richmond Map of 1795. Known to have been sold in 1766.

Main farmhouse, two-storey with attic, five-bay, with 1960s wing to west. The outbuildings run to the north on the east and west boundary lines. Swimming pool complex to the southeast.

Old Jersey Houses

An entry in Volume Two refers only to the datestones

Grouville Millennium book

"Standing in the midst of the fork of two roads, this house takes its name from the word for a yoke.
"So far it has been established that it was the subject of a sale passed in May 1766 between Nicolas Nicolle and Jean Noel, son of Edmond. However, it is possible that its history might go back further through the ancestry of Nicolas Nicolle's wife, Elizabeth Roissier, grandaughter of Richard Roissier and Elizabeth Hamon.
"It could have once formed part of the estate of Mrs Roissier's father, Daniel Hamon, whose chefve maison, or principal house, was inherited by his eldest daughter, Susanne Hamon, wife of Jacques Dumaresq, after his death in 1664.
"L'Aiguillon remained in the possession of the Noel Family until the death of its last member, Jeanne Noel, daughter of Philippe and Anne, nee Vaudin, in 1885. In January 1887 L'Aiguillon passed to Jeanne's third cousin once removed, Hannah Elizabeth Noel."

The entry mentions only the Vaudin-Le Brun datestone.


Notes and references

  1. This explanation in the Jersey Datestone Register contradicts the suggestion in Old Jersey Houses that it is for Vardon and Labey, which was well wide of the mark. It is particularly surprising in that the Vardon family name does not appear in Jersey records until 1772, when Louis Vardon married Elizabeth Renouf
  2. This is shown in Old Jersey Houses as HML SR 1712, without any interpretation. While PML could be misinterpreted as HML, it is difficult to understand how 1815 could be read as 1712. There is no marriage record which would match the HML reading. To add to the confusion, the Jersey Datestone Register shows the stone as HML SR 1812, and says that it is at L'Aiguillon, St Martin. There is no such property


Two photographs of a German anti-tank gun positioned in the grounds of L'Aiguillon during the Occupation

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