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Historic Jersey buildings

Cote au Palier, St Martin


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Property name

Cote au Palier

Other names

  • Chaumiere de l'Orme
  • Cote de la Palliere [1]


Rue de la Cote au Palier, St Martin

Type of property

Jersey house dating back to 16th century

Families associated with the property

  • Whitley
  • Renouf: Clement Renouf, son of Nicolas, farmed here in 1871, with his second wife, Eliza Whitley (1832- ), and son Clement junr. (by his first wife, Mary Falle; Clement junr., aged 33, farming with his father), and Jane (aged 16), Frederick (aged 12), Philip (aged 6), John (aged 5), Emma (aged 4) and 8 month old Ann Eliza, by his 2nd wife, Eliza. By 1881, they had moved to La Solitude


Although a stone with the date 1765 is mentioned in the Old Jersey Houses article, it is not included in the list in Volume 2 and is not listed by the Jersey Datestone Register

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

An originally 16th century Jersey house, variously altered in 18th century and restored in the 1960s, retaining external historic features and character in a valley setting. Shown on the Richmond Map of 1795.

House dates from middle of the 16th century. Acquired in the 19th century by the Whitley family and later, by inheritance, by the Renoufs. After remaining derelict for a period, it was completely restored, and extended, in the 1960s.

Old Jersey Houses

"Here is the perfect example of the early double voussoir arch, which can be dated between 1550-1600, at a conservative estimate. It is composed of the standard nine stones, with the second row of voussoirs outlined by rows of tiny stones above and below. On close examination it is seen that some of these are not separate stones, but are chiselled out of the man ones and are therefore false architecturally.
"This house fell into disrepair shortly after the war and remained empty for years, slowly deteriorating, until little was left but the gable ends and the round arch, although much of the old stonework remained lying where it fell. It was bought in 1961 and has been completely restored and much enlarged.
"This was one of the properties which owed halberd service; that is the duty to assist in escorting prisoners from Mont Orgueil to the Royal Court for trial."

Notes and references

  1. Name given in Old Jersey Houses. The name of the road suggests that Cote au Palier is the correct name. It was also the name given in 19th century censuses
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