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Maison Maret during the Occupation
An LL postcard of Maison Maret earlier in the 20th century

Known for a time as Ivy Farm, Maison Maret, which stands alongside Trinity Church, has now reverted to its original name, which derives from its association with the Trinity branch of the Maret family.

The Constable of Trinity in 1653, Jean Maret, lived there, and was followed by his descendants until Charles Maret, also Constable, died without leaving any children in 1779.

The front door is of the typical round Jersey arch pattern and in Old Jersey Houses Volume 1 Joan Stevens speculates that it was either a copy of the Queen Elizabeth Gate at Elizabeth Castle (1594) or even earlier and an inspiration for that gate.

The picture on the left appears to date from the Occupation years, but it has not so far been possible to establish why the house had such a prominent red cross on the roof and another on a sign outside the roadside gate.

This double archway at Three Mile Farm, Maufant, was demolished and re-erected at Maison Maret
Maison Maret in 2010. It appears than an extra stone was added to widen the main archway
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