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Francois Le Brocq
presentation album


In December 1905 an album was presented to St Peter cattle breeder and dealer Francois Le Brocq, subscribed to by 825 of his farming colleagues and fellow breeders across the island, in recognition of the work he had undertaken as a 'middle man' for breeders of Jersey cattle wishing to sell animals overseas, often a convenient way of balancing their books every year. Mr Le Brocq farmed at Homestead, St Peter, a farm which he was forced to sell some years later to settle family debts. His daughter Adele Maisie persuaded her husband, Henry Prouings Le Ruez, to buy the property to keep it in the family. The Le Ruez family continued the tradition of cattle breeding there. Francois and Ann were both children of St Peter farming families, but married in St Saviour in November 1866

Francois Le Brocq and his wife Ann, nee Le Brocq, with their children, Francis, Hedley, Louise, Edward, Alfred, Janet and Adele (on her mother's lap). Adele was born in 1884, so the photograph was probably taken at Homestead the following year
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