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Le Marinel


This house, which was named in official documents of 1668 and 1749 is believed to have been owned by the Le Marinel family in the 17th century, and perhaps earlier. There are features, such as the round arch, which suggest a date as early as 1550, but a 1619 datestone is believed to have been moved from somewhere else.

The house was unused when Joan Stevens wrote about it in Old Jersey Houses in 1965. She found a lintel inscribed 17 IDLC 95 in the south-east corner of the farmyard, referring to Jean de la Cour. The house was clearly in that family for some considerable time because the great-grandmother of the owner in the 1960s was a de La Cour. There is also a suggestion that the house was in the ownership of the de Carteret family earlier in the 18th century and that alterations were made in 1795, fater its acquisition by the de la Cours.

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