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The seigneurs of Jersey's fiefs always considered themselves to be extremely important people, but perhaps none more so than the Seigneur of Trinity who, it is said, was invited to a gathering of Normandy seigneurs across the water in the Cotentin and was determined to make a grand impression.

On arrival at the hall where the event was being held he ensured that he was the last to enter, so that he was certain to be noticed by his fellow seigneurs. A servant stood at the entrance to announce each new arrival in a loud voice after banging his staff to attract attention. When he inquired as to the Seigneur's name and was told Le Seigneur de la Trinité he was somewhat taken aback and asked the Lord of the Manor to repeat his title.

Having confirmed that he had, indeed, heard correctly the first time he turned to the assembled company and announced Le Bon Dieu (The Good Lord).

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