Les Niemes, St Peter

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Les Niemes, St Peter, in the late 19th century

This is Les Niemes, St Peter, built in 1829. It should not be confused with Les Niemes Farm, which is on the other side of Grande Route de St Pierre and was one of the ancestral homes of the Balleine family.

As the plan shows, it has an unusual layout for a 19th century Jersey house. The front door faces south, which is normal, but it is at the side of the house, which is not. The two-storey section of the house is square, and there are single story rooms at both ends.

There is a question-mark over whether these are part of the original structure or were added later. Joan Stevens, wrote in the second volume of her Old Jersey Houses:"It seems more likely that they are contemporary, that on the south giving an entrance porch flanked by small rooms, and that on the north providing extra service rooms.

Le Feuvre

Although the date cannot be definitely confirmed, it is believed that the house was built by Philippe Le Feuvre (1764-1855) in 1829 on land he acquired on his marriage to Ann Le Bas. The house was inherited by his younger son, George William.

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