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Maison Le Maistre, Mont Les Vaux

The datestone ILP♥AD1706, which suggest this date for the construction of Maison Le Maistre, is one of the earliest examples in Jersey to incorporate a heart [1] The stone was inscribed for Capt Jacques (or James) Lempriere (1654- ) (not Jean, as suggested by Joan Stevens in Vol 2 of her books Old Jersey Houses [2] , and his wife Ann Durell, who were married in St Brelade in 1693.

Two years before the house was aparently built Lempriere was made Intelligence Officer for the French coast near Jersey.

The connection between the house, which stands towards the bottom of Mont Les Vaux, and the Le Maistre family, has not been established.

It was left by Capt Lempriere to his daughter Elizabeth, who was born at Maison Le Maistre and married Philippe Nicolle

Notes and references

  1. Actually inverted, but we have yet to establish a way of showing this on our web pages
  2. OJH II, 154
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