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Maison de la Rocque


Maison de la Rocque is a two-storey pantiled traditional farmhouse on Trinity Hill

This house was the home of Etienne La Cloche who refused to leave it and live in St Ouen when he was appointed Rector of that parish. Little or nothing remains of the property he lived in until his death in 1653. It is said that arches were taken from there to form part of nearby Oaklands.

Although nothing is known about the property in those early days, it is likely that it was the home of Pierre de la Rocque in 1567. He was accused by Henri Dumaresq, Seigneur of Samares, of wrongfully using his arms on his house and elsewhere.

This is somewhat confusing because, although the de La Rocque arms incorporated three trefoils, they were similar to the arms of the Payn family, which seem to have been used extensively, for reasons unknown, by the Dumaresq family.

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