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Historic Jersey buildings

Maison du Buisson, St Saviour


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Property name

Maison du Buisson


Rue de La Piece Mauger, Maufant, St Saviour

Type of property

Early 18th century farm developed over the years


No recent transactions

Families associated with the property

  • de Gruchy
  • Binet: In 1941 Philip Binet (1881- ), his wife Florence Eliza, nee de Gruchy (1886- ) and their children Marjorie (1922- ) and Lewis Blampied Binet (1924- ) were living here. Their other son, Lawrence Mons Binet (1916- ) applied the previous year to postpone military service but was presumably unsuccessful.


  • BBN ♥ ILB 1719 - For Benjamin Binet and Jeanne Le Brocq, hidden under the porch. Brought to the house from elsewhere because the Binets did not own the house until the 19th century. It remains a Binet home.
  • PDG MHC 1733 - For Philippe de Gruchy and Marie Hocquart. Not Pierre, as suggested in Old Jersey Houses. The book complicates the de Gruchy descendancy by referring to the PDG on the stone above as Pierre, son of Mathieu, and suggesting that he was either the son or brother of the Philippe de Gruchy who bought two fields on the Fief du Roi in St Saviour in 1732 and was obliged to build a house on the land. But there was no Pierre de Gruchy. It was Philippe, son of Matthieu, and grandfather of Matthieu, the priest, who married Marie Hocquart, and it was he who bought the fields, built the house, erected the stone and lived here.

As our family tree shows, Mathieu, the priest, inherited the property in 1774, after the death of his elder brother, Philippe de Gruchy. OJH refers to the sale of the house by 1812 to Philippe de La Haye, and its subsequent sale to Thomas Binet (1777- ). Thomas had married in 1802 Marie Hocquard, daughter of Philippe Hocquard and Anne de Gruchy, sister of Matthieu, so the family had, in fact, bought back the property. Thomas Binet and Marie Hocquard had seven children, so the property was able to continue in the Binet line until the present day.

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

This is a good example of a developing farm group, with its early core of 1733 much obscured by the 19th century refronting.

Although the interior has lost most of its fireplaces it retains its integrity in plan form with its stair and some doors of historic note.

The outbuildings retain their historic function and character.

Documents show sale of Clos du Bisson from Diélament in 1732 - probable date of house. Building is shown on the Richmond Map of 1795.

Stairs dated to 1877 from carpenters marks. Reportedly a 19th century fireplace retained in first floor west room.

Old Jersey Houses

Traditionally this was the home of Matthieu de Gruchy (1761-1797), who became a Roman Catholic priest and was shot at Nantes at the age of 36 as a spy. See family history above

There is a trough in the farmyard, dated 1737 - a rare occurrence of such objects being dated.

Notes and references

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