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Maison du Mont au Pretre


Maison du Mont au Pretre, also known as Poingdestre Farm, in the days when it was thatched

This property has gone by several names, including, at one time, Mont au Pretre Priory. Joan Stevens in the first volume of Old Jersey Houses [1] dismisses the accuracy of this name, writing that 'no priory existed anywhere near ... the sites of all recorded chapels in the parish have been identified'.

However, she does accept that the names 'Mont au Prêtre' and nearby 'Mont à l'Abbé' suggest 'some ecclesiastical connection'. Not far away are Bellozanne Abbey and Bellozanne Priory, the accuracy of which names Mrs Stevens also challenged, but the profusion of ecclesiastical links in this area at the north-west of the Parish of St Helier does suggest that there were early establishments for which there are no existing records.

Mrs Stevens admits that the historian De La Croix, writing in 1859, said that there was a chapel here, but dismisses this claim as being unsupported by historical evidence.

Another name for the property was Poingdestre Farm, stemming from its occupation by several generations of that family. Advocate Charles Poingdestre, his father Jean, and grandfather Michel, all lived here. Charles, who was an Advocate from 1772 to 1816, died without children and his nephew Jean, also an Advocate from 1771 to 1789, inherited the house.

The house was owned by J Richardson in the 1840s and '50s and there were still members of the family living in the area in the 1960s.

As recently as 1927 the house and all the outbuildings were thatched. There is a gable stone dated 1660 and it is believed that this is the age of house and the entrance - a double-entry gateway with a side arch for pedestrians.

Notes and references

  1. OJH I, 175
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