Mon Plaisir, St Aubin

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Mon Plaisir


A photograph of the house taken by Ernest Baudoux

The family outside the house

Mon Plaisir, St Aubin (or, more correctly) La Haule, was built about 1820 by Philippe Marett, apparently so that he could move into it and rent out his more substantial property, La Haule Manor, which was rebuilt by his father, also Philippe, scarcely a quarter of a century earlier.

Described by Joan Stevens in Old Jersey Houses [1] as a 'delightful little "romantic" house, an early version of the modern split-level construction', the house is built into the slope of the hill with its main entrance on the level of the main bedrooms, above the living rooms. The central window in the facade is a dummy, with its shutters permanently closed.

The house enjoys panoramic views of St Aubin's Bay.

Notes and references

  1. OJH II, 160
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