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This Trinity property was named Mont Pellier in the early 18th century, when Daniel Pellier became the owner in 1706. However, the date 1640 and initials IGD are engraved on a corbel stone, suggesting that the house was earlier in the hands of the Grandin family - Jean Grandin, who married Marie du Feu, and was the father of Hugh Grandin, Rector of St Peter from 1672-1731. Another stone dated 1681 records alterations to the building, which overall has many features which can be attributed to one or other of the 17th century datestones.

Daniel Pellier carved DPL and 1706 on a stone now in an outhouse, and later he and his wife Marguerite Richardson, daughter of Nicholas and Sara du Parcq, marked further expansion with 17 DPL MRS 28, 14 years after they married in Sark. A further stone is inscribed 17 DPL MRS 42.

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