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Mont à l'Abbé Manor


Although not a manor in the sense of the home of the seigneur of a fief, this property had manorial status and the right to keep pigeons

The house has one of the finest tourelle staircases in the island [1] rising to a third storey and with five rows of pigeon holes in the upper section.

It appears to have come into the ownership of Royalist Clement Le Couteur after the Restoration, having previously been owned in 1645 by Parliamentarian Abraham Heraut.

There is an unusual oak plaque above a door in the main hall, bearing the arms of Le Couteur and de Carteret in the centre. On the left is a shield with a monogram CLC and on the right a similar one with JDC and the date 1678. This is believed to represent Clement Le Couteur (1631-1714) and his wife Jeanne de Carteret, who married in St John in 1664. She was the daughter of Josue de Carteret, of St Jean la Hougue Boëte, and he was born at nearby Le Câtelet, the son of Jacques Le Couteur and Esther Botterel.

Clement was a prominent Royalist who followed Charles II into exile to Breda, and was honoured at the Restoration. He held livings in England until he returned to Jersey in 1663 as Rector of St John, becoming Dean in 1672, a post he held until he died in 1714. It is thought that the 'Manor' may have been confiscated from its Parliamentarian owner and given to Clement.

Notes and references

  1. OJH I, 182
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