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Historic Jersey buildings

18 Mulcaster Street


Stan and Ivy Maiden behind the bar at The Sussex in the early 1960s

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Property name

18 Mulcaster Street

Other names

  • Queen's Hotel
  • Sussex Hotel


Mulcaster Street, St Helier

Type of property

Former hotel, then bar, now nightclub


No recent transactions. Owned by Ann Street Brewery since the 1930s

Families and businesses associated with the property

Census returns

  • 1861: Nicholas Phillips (41) hotel keeper, wife Sarah (42)
  • 1891-1901: Francis Taylor (48) hotel keeper (Queen’s Hotel), wife Esther Ann (25), five boarders

Almanac listings

  • 1880: L Phillips, Queen’s Hotel
  • 1886: Capt G Le Four, Queen's Hotel
  • 1890-1905: F H Taylor
  • 1910: A M Terrill
  • 1915: J Couillard
  • 1925-1930: Margaret Larbalestier, nee Fitzgerald [1]
  • 1935-1940: Sussex Hotel – A E J Parker and Mrs E E Parker
  • 1950-1955: Sussex Hotel - W H Walmsley [2]
  • 1958-1975: Sussex Hotel - Stan Maiden [3]
  • 1980: Sussex Hotel - W Thomas
  • 1985: Sussex Hotel - H Jones
  • 2018: Tanguy's

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

Part of a terrace of early 19th century shops retaining historic scale and character. An early 19th century shop shown on the 1834 Le Gros map. Mulcaster Street formed part of the heart of St Helier and an important connection to the waterfront in the early 19th century. Mid-terrace, three-bay, three-storey. Ground floor shop front largely altered, but with plain pilasters and plain fascia. [4]

Notes and references

  1. Leased the hotel from De Veulle and Company, wine, spirits and beer merchants, for £120 on a yearly tenancy
  2. In 1941 William Henry Walmsley (1895- ), his father John Thomas (1869- ) and his wife Jessie, nee Pluck (1905- ) were living here
  3. On 4 March 1961 Stanley Maiden renewed the lease of the hotel from Ann Street Brewery at an annual rent of £700
  4. This property may have been in a terrace of shops, but we can find no records to support the assertion that it was itself a shop. The earliest record we can find is in the 1861 census, which records the presence of hotel keeper Nicholas Phillips, and all records since then show it as a hotel, first Queen's, and then the Sussex, before becoming a bar and then a nightclub. Until it closed it was among St Helier's oldest small town-centre hotels. All this historical detail has been missed by the planners in recommending it as a listed building

Queen's Hotel

The Sussex Hotel

Pictures of Stan and Ivy Maiden at the Sussex in the 1960s


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