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Oaklands, St Lawrence
The bakehouse from Old Jersey Houses

Oaklands, in Route de l'Eglise, St Lawrence, has some superb old features, including a large benitier, a bakehouse with oven and hearth, an exterior stone staircase and a rare trough, half inside and half out for feeding animals from in the kitchen.

A window lintel put to use as a step has the date 1590 inscribed. The east-facing part of the property is believed to be the oldest structure, a stone dated 1679 with PF within a shield, probably representing Pierre or Philippe Fiott. Another stone reads ILG 1806, for Jean Langlois.

A much later wing on the east of the main house held a ballroom and supper room.

There are many features from the 18th century, when Oaklands was owned by the Langlois family and was called Maison de Bas. The family's Maison de Haut was at Ville au Veslet. It passed from Jean Langlois (1712-1755) to Philippe (1747- ), to Jean (1770-1848, Constable of St Lawrence, to Jean (1794-1833), to his daughter Marie (1827-

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