Pictures of the Liberation

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Pictures of the Liberation

This gallery covers the events of 9 May 1945 and the following days. See After the Liberation for a further gallery of photographs of post-Liberation photographs taken in the following weeks and months

The liberating troops of Force 135 and the German surrender

Surrender ceremony on HMS Bulldog

The liberating troops land

Landing heavy Army equipment
Three Jerseymen who were part of Force 135
This photograph, which we received in 2019, and the central part of which (below) has been widely used and features at the top of our main Liberation page, has always been assumed to have been taken outside the Pomme d'Or Hotel on the morning of 9 May 1945. But the wider view shows clearly that it was taken outside the main gates of Fort Regent. It is not clear why liberating troops and locals would have been there on Liberation Day and the photograph may have been taken later. Close examination of the two pictures shows that they are not identical, but were clearly taken within seconds of each other

Crowds gather

A crowded Royal Square

Prisoners of War

German soldiers are marched across St Aubin's Bay before being taken away from the island
German prisoners await their turn to board landing craft

Sundry Liberation pictures

Hospital staff with liberating soldiers
First Tower landing

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