Poignand family wills from 1663 to 1980 held by Jersey Archive

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Poignand family wills


This is an index to wills created by members of the Poignand family from 1663 to 1980 which are now held by Jersey Archive. By visiting the archive site and using the names, dates and reference numbers shown here, it is possible to view a copy of most wills. You will have to subscribe to the Archive's online service to do this. We are progressively adding an index of wills to all our 1,200-plus family pages. We also have a full A-Z index for nearly 33,000 wills in the Archive collection. To find out more about this collection and how to search for your family's wills there, visit our Jersey wills page


  • Poignand : Agnes Ethel , widow of George Poch, of Maison de Bas, Trinity - 11/Oct/1966 , 01/Apr/1968 , D/Y/B1/118/22
  • Poignand : Arthur , of Les Frontieres, St Brelade - 23/Nov/1962 , 06/Feb/1968 , D/Y/B1/116/20
  • Poignand : Auguste William , of Vingtaine de Herupe, St John 6/06/1917 Bequeaths to Francis Augustus Poignand the property Highfield, Vingtaine de Coin Varin, St Peter, on the Fief du Roi; to John Reginald Poignand a house and grounds situated in St John and Trinity; to the children of Alfred Vibert and Florence Maud Poignand, Clos de Menage, Vingtaine de Coin Varin, St Peter, on the Fief du Roi, a piece of land on the west of Grandes Landes; to Agnes Ethel Poignand Le Clos de Hardy bordered on the west by Le Grand Route, St John - , 25/Apr/1928 , D/Y/A/88/79
  • Poignand : Charles Arthur , of Woodbine, St Lawrence - 03/Feb/1967 , 22/Sep/1971 , D/Y/B1/164/38
  • Poignand : Charles Louis , of St Helier, now of St Saviour - 11/May/1864 , 01/May/1896 , D/Y/A/55/33
  • Poignand : Elizabeth , Exeter Lodge, St Mark's Road, St Helier - 21/Apr/1911 , 01/Jul/1924 , D/Y/A/84/86
  • Poignand : Ella May , of Chez Nous, St Brelade - 05/Jul/1974 , 05/Jul/1974 , D/Y/B1/207/37
  • Poignand : Enid Mabel , of The Poplars, St John - 02/Feb/1957 , 05/Oct/1957 , D/Y/B1/44/24
  • Poignand : Esther Elizabeth , Castle View, Trinity, widow Poitier - 02/Sep/1924 , 10/Jul/1933 , D/Y/A/94/125
  • Poignand : Evangeline , nee Huelin, widow of Winter Poignand, of Glenhaven, Tabor Lane, St Brelade - 02/Jul/1957 , 02/Nov/1961 , D/Y/B1/66/28
  • Poignand : Francis Augustus , son of Auguste William, of Highfield, Coin Varin, St Peter - 02/Nov/1951 , 09/Jul/1959 , D/Y/B1/55/32
  • Poignand : John Francis , St Lawrence - 23/Jun/1914 , 02/Oct/1919 , D/Y/A/79/104
  • Poignand : John Reginald , of Beauverd Cottage, near Sion, Trinity - 25/Jul/1964 , 25/May/1965 , D/Y/B1/87/12
  • Poignand : Louis , of St Helier - 17/Jun/1754 , 16/May/1758 , D/Y/A/10/4
  • Poignand : Louis , of St Helier 16/05/1810 Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier, £20 - , 15/Jan/1835 , D/Y/A/23/37
  • Poignand : Mabel Louisa , wife of Hedley Alexander Pallot, of Cambrai, 21, St Andrew's Road, First Tower, St Helier - 20/Apr/1971 , 25/Sep/1972 , D/Y/B1/180/32
  • Poignand : Marie , widow of Charles Le Vesconte 01/07/1818 Desires to be buried in St Saviour's Cemetery Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier, £2 sterling, to Marie Elizabeth Le Vesconte, her daughter, all his part in the cutter Rose, commanded by Thomas De Gruchy, should she die before the age of 21 her share in the cutter goes to Elizabeth, Louise Elizabeth, and Albina Poignand - , 04/Aug/1818 , D/Y/A/18/197
  • Poignand : Winter , son of John Frederick, of Glenavon, Tabor Lane, St Brelade Bequeaths to his wife Evangeline Poignand, nee Huelin and Clarence Helleur Poignand, the usufruct of the house known as Glenavon; to Andrew Poignand, the reversionary ownership of the aforesaid Glenavon - 20/Mar/1953 , 01/Oct/1956 , D/Y/B1/37/56


  • Poignant : Jacques , of St Helier 28/03/1798 Bequeaths to the poor the General Hospital, £1 sterling, to Michel Quesnel, his nephew, £325 in 3% consoli funds - , 28/Jul/1800 , D/Y/A/16/21

Poignard - we have checked those mentioned in the wills against baptism records and can confirm that all but one of these records should correctly be shown as Poignand. The other record is uncertain

  • Poignard : John Frederick , Tevioldale, St Peter - 22/Oct/1928 , 05/Aug/1929 , D/Y/A/89/145 (baptised Poignand)
  • Poignard : John Rozel , of 'La Chasse', St Helier 15/5/1885 Bequeaths to Elizabeth Poignard nee Taylor the lease of a house situated on the North side of St John's Road, being the 1st house east from Brixton, Washway, London - 28/Aug/1890 , 18/Jan/1894 , D/Y/A/53/6 (baptised Poignand)
  • Poignard : Louisa Elizabeth , ... - 21/Aug/1869 , 09/Jan/1873 , D/Y/A/37/2 (baptism not found to check spelling, but almost certainly should be Poignand)
  • Poignard : Prosper , Derry, Vingtaine des Quennevais, St Brelade 23/04/1924 Bequeaths to Ella/05/Poignard the property Chez Nous on the east of a field called Le Petit Clos for life; to Elise Alice Le Brun the rest of Le Petit Clos for life, reversion on both to Arthur Poignard - , 05/Jun/1929 , D/Y/A/89/113 (Deceased and beneficiaries all baptised Poignand)


  • Poigneaud : Jean , of Courlay, Poitou, France, now a refugee in Jersey - 06/Jun/1737 , 16/Feb/1750 , D/Y/A/8/45
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