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Prince's Hotel, Havre des Pas

Not to be confused with the Prince's Tower Hotel at La Hougue Bie, the Prince's Hotel at Havre des Pas is thought to have been named after a former proprietor, a Mr Prince, and not through any connections with royalty.

Historian Philip Ahier believed that the hotel may have been the successor of an inn which stood at Havre des Pas in 1835 bearing the name of 'The Crown and Punch Bowl', kept by a widow by the name of Coutanche, which was so described in Le Crapaud, a monthly periodical of the time:

"The inn has a spacious balcony overlooking the widow's little garden, commanding a beautiful prospect of the sea and the promontory of La Collette, where the newly-erected tower seems to fling defiance to the billows of the sea."

A forerunner of Rotary Clubs used to meet at the Crown and Punch Bowl. The Hodge-Podge Club had rules very similar to the Rotarian movement which had yet to be founded in Chicago.

No two representatives of the same profession or calling were admitted as members; theology and politics were taboo; each member was required, in turn, to provide a tale, anecdotal, historical, ludicrous or sentimental for the amusement of his fellow members.

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