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There was considerable concern in 1834 about the number of paupers arriving in Jersey and having to be cared for at the public’s expense, leading to the States passing the following Act on 5 February of that year.

Whereas for a long time past, a great number of persons have arrived in this Island who a few days after their arrival become chargeable to the Island, and the country thereby incurs considerable expenses; and there being reason to believe that unless a remedy is immediately applied thereto, more will continue daily to arrive, the States have passed the following Regulations, which are to have force of law, from and after the 10th instant.

Art I – Every master of a vessel who shall bring to this Island one or more persons not being natives of this country, and not being entitled to maintenance at the expence of the Island, shall be subject for the space of a year and one day, after the arrival of such persons, to take them back at his own expence, and also to pay the costs of their maintenance in case they should become chargeable to the Island, such master having his remedy against the person or persons who may have induced such individuals to come to the Island.
Art 2 – In case there should be contradiction between the master of the vessel and the person that shall have become chargeable, the Constable, or one of the Centeniers, of the parish in which such person sojourns, is empowered to bring him before a Magistrate of the Royal Court, there to declare upon oath the name of the vessel which brought him to the Island, also the name of the master commanding such vessel, after which oath, the master described shall be chargeable with the costs of sending him back, and of the maintenance of such person.
Art 3 – Persons not being natives of this Island, who may become chargeable after having sojourned in this country beyond a year and one day, shall be removed to their native country at the costs of the Island.
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