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Regulations for employing the Prisoners in Gaol, adopted at the Meeting of the States, 5 January 1834

Art 1 – The Prison Committee shall cause to be erected, at the public expense, in the yard which separates the garden of the Hospital from the Gaol, cells in which the convicts shall be made to work, which cells shall be 8 feet high and 6 feet wide, divided by a stone wall 18 inches thick, and secured on the side of the yard with iron rails 1½ inch square; the tops of the cells to be covered with similar rails and slated over.
Art 2 – Every convict sentenced by the Court to hard labour, shall be compelled, during his detention, if his health permit, to break stones each day, according to his age and strength, in such quantities and in such a way as the Committee, or any member thereof appointed for the purpose, shall direct (except in cases provided for by the following article) on pain of being kept on bread and water, and in case of obstinate refusal to work and refractory conduct, to be placed in solitary confinement, until he conform to the judgment of the Court.
Art 3 – The Committee are authorized to employ the convicts about such other work as they may deem fit, suitable to the age, strength and sex of the same.
Art 4 – The Committee are equally authorised to permit the accused and debtors to perform such work as they may deem useful; the profits to be divided in the undermentioned proportions.
Art 5 – From 1 November to 31 March inclusive, the convicts shall work from 8 o’clock in the morning till 4 in the afternoon, an hour being allowed them for dinner; and from 1 April to 31 October inclusive, the convicts shall work from six o’clock in the morning till six in the evening; an hour being allowed them at 8 o’clock for breakfast and an hour aqt 1 o’clock for dinner.
Art 6 – The Committee shall procure the stones necessary for keeping the convicts in work, and whn broken as above stated, the Governor of the Gaol shall sell the stones at the price fixed by the Committee.
Art 7 – The Governor of the Gaol shall keep day after day, an exact account of the stone broken, or of such other work as shall be performed by each convict.
Art 8 – The profit derived from the stones broken, or other work performed by each convict, shall be shared as follows: one third to the Governor; one sixth at the disposal of the Committee, to be applied to the relief of prisoners; one quarter to the Governor of the Gaol; and one quarter to the convict, when leaves the Gaol, if the Committee think him entitled thereto from good conduct.
Art 9 – The accused and debtors shall be permitted to break stones, under the direction of the Committee.
Art 10 – The profit on stones broken by the accused, shall be shared as follows: one quarter to the Governor, one quarter to the Governor of the Gaol, and half to the accused.
Art 11 – The Governor of the Gaol shall receive one third of the profit derived from swtones broken by each debtor, and the debtor the other two thirds.
Art 12 – The shares granted to the Governor of the Hospital in these regulations are for his superintendence of the work, keeping the books, etc, being his entire remuneration for his trouble in this department.
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