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Christian d'Authreau
Sydney Philip DeLaHaye

DALLAIN Alphonsus Frank Private S/13746 Gordon Highlanders 2nd Battalion 01/07/1916
DALLIER Léon Eugène Soldat - 2nd Class 5040 French Infantry 4th Colonial Zouave Regiment 05/08/1916
DALLO James Private 760084 Canadian Infantry (East Ontario Regiment) 38th Battalion 10/08/1918
DARBY-GRIFFITH Octavius Sydney Major Loyal North Lancashire Regiment 11th Battalion 27/05/1918
DARCEL François Mathurin Marie Soldat 176 COA 10th Section 21/12/1914
DARRAGH Charles Alexander Deck Hand 12046DA Royal Naval Reserve HM Trawler Ruby 17/10/1917
DARTHENAY Adolphus Isidore Able Seaman 239407 Royal Navy HMS Bulwark 26/11/1914
DAUNT William John Private 7153 Royal Irish Regiment 2nd Battalion 30/09/1917
DAUNY François Jean Marie Soldat 2nd Class 08055 French Infantry 94th Regiment 10/04/1916
D'AUVERGNE Francis Arthur Payn Lieutenant Royal Guernsey Light Infantry 1st Battalion 12/04/1918
DAUVIN Alfred Rene Andre Rifleman 8708 Royal Irish Rifles
DAVIES Frank Private 8136 Highland Light Infantry 1st Battalion 01/01/1915
DAVIS Howard Leopold Private 16199 Highland Light Infantry 17th Battalion 12/08/1916
DAVIS Thomas Leopold Rifleman R/33164 King's Royal Rifle Corps 18th Battalion 07/02/1917
DAYKIN Harold Gunner 68820 Machine Gun Corps (Motors) 11th Battery 24/03/1918
DE CAEN John Alexander Petty Officer 1st Class 178605 Royal Navy HMS lndefatigable 31/05/1916
DE CAEN Walter Petty Officer 1st Class 178604 Royal Navy HMS Arcadia 17/10/1918
DE CAEN Walter Thomas Private 17915 Hampshire Regiment 2nd Battalion 15/12/1915
DE CARTERET Winter John Private 30291 Dorsetshire Regiment 6th Battalion 29/04/1918
DE FAYE Edward Francis Lieutenant Tank Corps A Battalion 01/12/1917
DE GEUSER Hubert Marie Andre Sous Lieutenant 17112 French Infantry 37th Regiment 25/07/1918
DE GRUCHY Alfred Nicolle Surgeon Royal Navy 25/12/1915
DE GRUCHY Joshua Laverty Corporal 18608 Canadian Infantry (Western Ontario Regiment) 1st Battalion 23/04/1915
DE GRUCHY Snowdon William Private G/19395 Middlesex Regiment 21st Battalion 08/10/1918
DE GRUCHY Stanley Roberts Private TF/290144 Middlesex Regiment 1st/10th Battalion 05/09/1916
DE LA COTE Francis Adolphus Private 29080 Dorsetshire Regiment 6th Battalion 03/04/1918
DE LA COUR Percy Sydney Private 12225 Dorsetshire Regiment 1st Battalion 03/05/1915
DE LA HAYE Clarence John Private 6228 London Regiment 2nd/19th Battalion 16/08/1916
DE LA HAYE John Private 247528 Labour Corps 44th Agricultural Company 03/10/1917
DE LA HAYE Josue Blampied Sergeant 9535 Hampshire Regiment 2nd Battalion 06/08/1915
DE LA HAYE Oscar Ernest Private 38843 Hampshire Regiment 2nd/4th Battalion 21/09/1918
DE LA HAYE Snowden Private 4382 Royal Irish Rifles 7th Battalion 16/08/1917
DE LA HAYE Wilfred Private 105721 1st Canadian Mounted Rifles (Saskatchewan Regiment) 15/09/1916
DE LA LANDE Arthur Rifleman 4099 Royal Irish Rifles 7th Battalion 19/05/1916
DE LA MARE Horace Reginald Private T/2334 East Kent Regiment 4th Battalion 25/09/1915
DE LA MOTHE Percy James Private 2535 Royal Guernsey Light Infantry 1st Battalion 13/04/1918
DE QUETTEVILLE Alfred Philip Sergeant 23511 Canadian Infantry (Quebec Regiment) 13th Battalion 08/08/1918
DE QUETTEVILLE Stanley Nelson Lieutenant Royal Canadian Navy HMS lndefatigable 31/05/1916
DE SAINTE CROIX Harold Philip Purser Mercantile Marine HMS Egypt Killed 24/04/1919
DE STE CROIX Henry Alfred Corporal 8366 Hampshire Regiment 2nd Battalion 21/04/1918
DE STE CROIX Philip Winter Bombardier 69709 Royal Garrison Artillery 179th Siege Battery 25/09/1917
DE STE CROIX Wilfred Hungerford Second Lieutenant Royal Army Service Corps 24/07/1917
DE STE PAER Louis Emile Major Royal Garrison Artillery B Battery 246th Brigade 08/05/1918
DE VEULLE Clarence James Rifleman 4097 Royal Irish Rifles 7th Battalion 09/03/1917
DE WET Eric Oloff Sub-Lieutenant Royal Navy HMS Narborough 12/01/1918
DEACON William James Able Seaman 191882 Royal Navy HMS Good Hope 01/11/1914
DECOURTIT Leopold Noel Marie Soldat 05030 French Infantry 47th Regiment 29/08/1914
DEE Archibald Adolphus Louis Private 81217 Canadfan Infantry (Alberta Regiment) 10th Battalion 09/02/1918
DENIS Frederick Charles Rifleman 31923 Devonshire Regiment 1st Battalion 05/09/1918
DENIS William James Private 9106 Dorsetshire Regiment 2nd Battalion 08/06/1916
DESPRES Harvey Francis Private 9149 Dorsetshire Regiment 2nd Battalion 01/10/1918
DESVERGEZ Auguste Prudent Soldat 2nd Class 11848 French Infantry 94th Regiment 10/02/1915
DEVEREUX Edmund Bourchie Flight Lieutenant Royal Naval Air Service HM Airship P2 26/11/1917
DEVEREUX Humphrey William Lieutenant South Staffordshire Regiment 5th Battalion 26/06/1916
DEVITT Michael John Sergeant 5528 East Surrey Regiment 2nd Battalion 29/09/1915
DEWBERRY Alfred William Sergeant G/61477 Royal Fusiliers 13th Battalion 10/04/1917
DINSDALE Frank Private 9772 Somerset Light Infantry 1st Battalion 13/06/1915
DONOGHUE Andrew Francis Gunner 701651 Royal Field Artillery 330th Brigade 30/04/1917
DONOGHUE Herbert Kilford Waters Private 14037 Northumberland Fusiliers 11th Battalion 27/10/1918
DOREY Elias George Gunner 150266 Royal Garrison Artillery 290th Siege Battery 31/10/1917
DORKINS Clarence Private 29971 Hampshire Regiment 2nd Battalion 15/06/1918
DORLAND Frank Private 55895 Northumberland Fusiliers 20th (Tyneside Scottish) Battalion 16/10/1917
DOUDIC François Soldat 2nd Class 16198 French Infantry 154th Regiment 17/10/1916
DOYLE Patrick Rifleman 1388 Royal Irish Rifles 2nd Battalion 25/09/1915
DRAYCOTT Percy Farmer Private M/300055 Royal Army Service Corps 16/07/1918
DRELAUD Walter Harold Sick Berth Attendant 351232 Royal Navy HMS Niger 11/11/1914
DRELAND DRIEU Emile John George Officer's Steward 3rd Clas L7071 Royal Navy HMS Minotaur 18/02/1919
DRUBE Otto Blacksmith 302121 Royal Navy HMS Black Prince 31/05/1916
DU FEU Alfred Charles CQMS 921 King's Royal Rifle Corps 1st Battalion 24/02/1916
DU FEU Edward Syvret Private 110127 5th Canadian Mounted Rifles (Quebec Regiment) 02/06/1916
DU FEU John Philip Private 534745 London Regiment 15th Battalion 03/08/1917
DU FEU John Romeril Private 9826 Devonshire Regiment 1st Battalion 26/10/1914
DU FEU Norman Philip Private 39342 Hampshire Regiment 1st Battalion 05/11/1917
DU FEU Walter Ernest Private 9945 King's Own Royal Lancaster Regiment 2nd Battalion 20/02/1915
DU HEAUME Charles Rifleman R/5776 King's Royal Rifle Corps 10th Battalion 04/09/1916
DU HEAUME Herbert Thomas Captain Royal Army Medical Corps 05/08/1916
DU HEAUME Reginald Sergeant 4351 Royal Irish Rifles 7th Battalion 06/09/1916
DU JARDIN Adolphus Private 6773 r Devonshire Regiment 1st Battalion 30/10/1914
DU VAL John Fergie Cadet 153256 Royal Air Force 44th Wing 25/04/1918
DUCHEMIN Camille Alfred Able Seaman 2592A Royal Naval Reserve HM Tug Char 16/01/1915
DUDLEY Leonard Edward Jesse Gunner 29696 Royal Garrison Artillery 247th Siege Battery 13/09/1918
DUHAN Francis Taylor Major 19th Punjabis Attached 57th Rifles 26/04/1915
DUMARESQ Amedie Private 4035191 Canadian Infantry (Quebec Regiment) 24th Battalion 16/08/1918
DUMOND Alphonse Private 9597 Dorsetshire Regiment 1st Battalion 13/10/1914
DUMOND George Auguste Officer's Steward 3rd Class L7375 Royal Navy HMS Gurka 01/02/1917
DUNLOP Frederick Cleave Strickland Captain Manchester Regiment 1st Battalion 08/11/1914
DUNLOP Julian Silver Strickland Captain South Staffordshire Regiment 1st Battalion 24/10/1914
DUNLOP Kenneth Strickland Second Lieutenant South Staffordshire Regiment 4th Battalion 25/09/1915
DURELL Ernest John Le Vavasseur dit Private 10692 South African Infantry 12th Regiment 05/11/1918
DURELL Lawrence Edward Horsnell Le V dit Shipwright 2nd Class M5454 Royal Navy HMS Cator 15/07/1918
DURNFORD Henry Charles Private 19241 Somerset Light Infantry 6th Battalion 16/09/1916
DUSOIR Albert Dominique Ismael Soldat 2nd Class 5893 French Infantry 17th Territorial Regiment 14/04/1915
DUSTAN John William Major Royal Marine Light Infantry 02/07/1917
DUTOT John Private 39360 Hampshire Regiment 1st Battalion 28/03/1918
DUTTON Gerald Arthur Second Lieutenant South Staffordshire Regiment 4th Battalion 05/05/1916
DUVAL Lawrence Wilfred Private 1802 Royal Guernsey Light Infantry 1st Battalion 12/04/1918
DUVEY Archibald Frank Officer's Steward 2nd Class L/7203 Royal Navy HMS "Undine" (destroyer) 13/03/1919
DWYER Francis Private 9685 King's Own Royal Lancaster Regiment 2nd Battalion 08/05/1915
DYMOND Samuel James Sergeant 8123 Devonshire Regiment 1st Battalion 30/10/1914
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