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GAGNEUR Alfred Private 9188 Devonshire Regiment 2nd Battalion 31/03/1918
GALE Frederick Alfred Lance Bombardier 60108 Royal Garrison Artillery 120th Siege Battery 06/06/1918
GALE James John Able Seaman 166068 Royal Navy HMS Bulwark 19/01/1915
GALE Ralph Goulstone Second Lieutenant Royal Engineers B Special Company 26/03/1918
GALLICHAN Alfred Corporal 18499 Canadian Army Service Corps 1st Field Butchery Unit 14/03/1919
GALLICHAN Alfred John Private PO/10475 Royal Marine Light Infantry HMS Agincourt 28/02/1919
GALLICHAN Donald Elias Private 43349 Dorsetshire Regiment 02/07/1919
GALLICHAN Francis Ernest Second Lieutenant North Staffordshire Regiment 10th Battalion Attd 99th Bn 27/07/1916
GALLICHAN Frank Elias Private 449195 Canadian Infantry (Quebec Regiment) 14th Battalion 25/02/1917
GALLICHAN George Thomas Private 436020 Canadian Infantry (Central Ontario Regiment) 14th Battalion 14/11/1919
GALLICHAN Percy Sydney Private Royal Militia of the Island of Jersey 3rd (or Town) Battalion 11/01/1917
GALLICHAN Raymond John Private G/40062 Middlesex Regiment 12th Battalion 26/09/1916
GALLICHAN W Deck Hand Mercantile Marine Steam Trawler Cygnus 12/12/1914
GALLICHAN William James Private 513455 Canadian Army Service Corps 16/06/1918
GALLICHAN William John Private 39317 Hampshire Regiment 1st Battalion 04/10/1917
GALLIE Arthur Walter Rifleman 4125 Royal Irish Rifles 7th Battalion 08/08/1917
GAME Ambrose Edward Corporal 8915 MM East Surrey Regiment 7th Battalion 12/08/1916
GARDE Philip Private 11003 Devonshire Regiment 8th Battalion 25/09/1915
GARDE Winter Rifleman 8073 Royal Irish Rifles 7th Battalion 04/03/1917
GAREL Eugène Soldat 2nd Class 28635 French Infantry 116th Regiment 13/10/1915
GARRY Arsène Soldat 017447 French Infantry 124th Regiment 14/10/1918
GASLONDE Auguste Victor Aimable Soldat 2nd Class 13695 French Infantry 132nd Regiment 27/09/1915
GASLONDE Pierre Aimable Celestin Soldat 2nd Class 6665 French Infantry 28th Regiment 06/09/1915
GAUDIN Edmund Thomas Private G/19999 Middlesex Regiment 4th Battalion 08/10/1918
GAUDIN John Private
GAUDION Charles William Rifleman 4902 Rifle Brigade 4th Battalion 05/05/1915
GAUDION John Arthur Private 177921 Canadian Infantry (Western Ontario Regiment) 1st Battalion 14/04/1917
GAUTIER Harold John Rifleman 4010 Rifle Brigade 1st Battalion 05/05/1915
GAUTIER Louis Mathurin Soldat 011583 French Infantry 321st Regiment 24/09/1916
GAUTIER Melchior Paul Marie Soldat 2nd Class 04383 French Infantry 13th Regiment 15/02/1917
GAVEY Arthur John Gunner 300919 Canadian Field Artillery 10th Brigade 15/04/1918
GEARY Henry Albert Sergeant 9804 East Surrey Regiment 2nd Battalion 11/05/1917
GENEE Raphael Auguste Petty Officer Stoker 312415 Royal Navy HMS Glatton 16/09/1918
GENGE John Lieutenant York and Lancaster Regiment 2nd Battalion 24/03/1918
GEORGE Henry William Sergeant 5289 London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers) 12th Battalion 21/05/1916
GIBAUT Alfred Philip Second Lieutenant Canadian Infantry (Alberta Regiment) 10th Battalion 08/04/1917
GIBB William Ian Second Lieutenant London Regiment (Finsbury Rifles) 11th Battalion 14/04/1917
GIBBS Hedley Rolland Private 27814 Hampshire Regiment 1st Battalion 28/03/1918
GIBSONE John Charles Private 100211 Canadian Infantry (Alberta Regiment) 49th Battalion 05/06/1916
GIONTA A Private
GIONTA Joseph Louis Private 8701 Royal Irish Rifles 4th Battalion 24/09/1920
GLASSE Charles Private 21831 Royal Irish Fusiliers 7th Battalion 20/09/1916
GLENDEWAR George Ambrose Sapper 189706 Royal Engineers 07/07/1917
GLEYO Jean Louis Soldat 2nd Class 588 French Cavalry 28th Dragoon Regiment 31/01/1918
GLOT François
GODDARD Denis Gerald Ambrose Midshipman Royal Navy HMS Queen Mary 31/05/1916
GODFRAY Francis George Sergeant 109 Royal Jersey Garrison Battalion 24/04/1919
GOLD Alfred Clifford Private 114517 Royal Fusiliers 17th Battalion 17/05/1919
GOLDSMITH James Hudson RSM 97314 Royal Garrison Artillery Staff - Heavy Artillery Brigade 29/07/1916
GOMM Frank Sergeant C/636 King's Royal Rifle Corps 16th Battalion 15/07/1916
GOODE William Bramwell Able Seaman Mercantile Marine SS Azul 06/02/1917
GOODREAD John Guardsman 5545 Scots Guards 1st Battalion 02/11/1914
GORDON Cecil Philip George Captain Royal Flying Corps 21/03/1918
GORE Richard Henry Chief Stoker 281297 Royal Navy HMS Ardent 01/06/1916
GORIN John Frank Private 10103 Yorkshire Regiment 2nd Battalion 12/03/1915
GOSS Percy Frank Corporal 19124 Wiltshire Regiment 2nd Battalion 17/10/1916
GOSSELIN Ernest John Philip Rifleman 29978 Hampshire Regiment 2nd Battalion 01/10/1918
GOULD Alfred Harry Private 68562 Royal Army Medical Corps 141st Field Ambulance 15/09/1918
GOULD Harold Phillip Alexander Officer's Steward 1st Clas L6443 Royal Navy HMS Caledon 23/02/1920
GRAHAM Charles Walter Flight Lieutenant Royal Naval Air Service No.1 Wing (Dunkerque) 08/09/1916
GRAHAM Samuel Robert Stoker 1st Class K20381 Royal Navy HMS Woolwich 01/12/1918
GRANDIN Alfred John Leading Seaman 215759 Royal Navy SS Garron Head 16/11/1917
GRANDIN Charles Philip de Carteret Private 431 Australian Infantry 41st Battalion 01/08/1917
GRANDIN Richard John Captain Royal Flying Corps 60 Squadron 18/05/1917
GRAUT Henry George Private 35088 Royal Army Ordnance Corps Calais Depot 08/02/1919
GRAUT Herbert Mallett Lance Corporal 9173 Rifle Brigade 1st Battalion 03/05/1915
GREGORY Francis Petty Officer Stoker 294661 Royal Navy HMS Black Prince 31/05/1916
GREGORY Oscar Clarence Rifleman 4116 Royal Irish Rifles 7th Battalion 06/12/1917
GREGORY William Henry Private 9403 Dorsetshire Regiment 2nd Battalion 18/11/1914
GREIG Ronald Henry Major Royal Engineers 54th Field Company 28/08/1916
GRELLIER Arthur Berteau Second Lieutenant Lancashire Fusiliers 2nd/7th Battalion 27/03/1918
GRIBBLE Alfred Sergeant 22848 King's Own Royal Lancaster Regiment 12th Battalion 02/06/1916
GRIFFIN Rene George Patrick Private TR/8/5383 Training Reserve 34th Battalion 30/06/1917
GRIFFITHS Thomas Private 9198 Gloucestershire Regiment 2nd Battalion 01/03/1915
GROIZARD Joseph John Private 12234 Welsh Regiment 2nd Battalion 12/10/1915
GRUCHY Arthur Gordon Private 74040 Canadian Infantry (Saskatchewan Regiment) 28th Battalion 07/07/1915
GRUCHY Charles Herbert Private 105238 Canadian Infantry (Manitoba Regiment) 16th Battalion 09/10/1916
GRUCHY Frank Le Maistre Captain Leicestershire Regiment 1st Battalion 22/10/1914
GRUCHY John Corporal 695 Lancashire Fusiliers 2nd Battalion 08/11/1918
GUEGAN Frederick Charles Private 28638 King's Shropshire Light Infantry 7th Battalion 23/08/1918
GUEGAN John P Private 29493 Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry 1st Battalion 13/04/1918
GUERIN John Francis Marie Private 3773 Australian Infantry 6th Battalion 27/08/1916
GUERIN Leon Maximillien Private 21835 Royal Irish Fusiliers 7th Battalion 28/08/1916
GUIBOUT Paul Alphonse Joseph Soldat 2nd Class 81603 French Infantry 26th Territorial Regiment 09/10/1914
GUILIANA Albert Messina Lance Corporal G/11572 Middlesex Regiment 1st Battalion 20/09/1918
GUILIANA Frederick Boy 5608433 Devonshire Regiment 2nd Battalion 22/10/1920
GUILLARD Frederick McClean Joiner - 4th Class M18574 Royal Navy HMS Penarth 04/02/1919
GUILLAUME Jean Baptiste Soldat 2nd Class 01595 French Infantry 249th Regiment 29/10/1916
GUILLEMOT Désiré Marie Caporal 10801 French Infantry 340th Regiment 20/06/1916
GUILLON Peter Philip Charles Private 33849 Hampshire Regiment 15th Battalion 20/09/1917
GUILLOT Georges Louis Denis Soldat 2nd Class 16889 French Infantry 132nd Regiment 14/11/1916
GUILLOU Louis Private 210372 Canadian Infantry (Central Ontario Regiment) 19th Battalion 09/04/1917
GULLEY George Peter Sergeant G/11426 Middlesex Regiment 23rd Battalion 23/03/1918
GULLIFORD Harold John Banks Rifleman 4110 Royal Irish Rifles 7th Battalion 16/08/1917
GULLY Harry Francis Corporal 9388 South Staffordshire Regiment 3rd Battalion 23/10/1918
GUNN Walter Roderick Hamilton Second Lieutenant London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers) 3rd Battalion 01/09/1918
GUPPY Albert Edward Ennis Private 592972 London Regiment (London Irish Rifles) 2nd/18th Battalion 23/12/1917
GUPPY Harold John Royal Militia of the Island of Jersey Engineer Company 16/02/1917
GUPPY John Sidney Private 12305 Dorsetshire Regiment 5th Battalion 09/08/1915
GUYON George Sutherland Lieutenant Colonel Royal Fusiliers 2nd Battalion 01/07/1916
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