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Harold Hocquard
Clary Hutchings

HACKING Charles Henry Ship's Cook Mercantile Marine HMS Otranto 06/10/1918
HACQUOIL James Corporal 40777 Essex Regiment 9th Battalion 11/08/1918
HADLEY Clarence Joseph Private 39294 Hampshire Regiment 2nd Battalion 30/11/1917
HAINES Charles James Sergeant 429 East Surrey Regiment 2nd Battalion 25/04/1915
HALE Cecil Douglas Sergeant 7312 Devonshire Regiment 3rd Battalion 03/01/1917
HALE Charles C Private 9909 South Staffordshire Regiment 4th Battalion 29/12/1914
HALL Albert James Stoker Royal Navy 17/06/1916
HALL Henry Christopher Private L/9046 East Surrey Regiment 1st Battalion 20/04/1915
HALL Samuel James Private 1961 Australian Infantry 6th Battalion 12/12/1916
HALL Stanley Roberts Private 1890 Lancashire Fusiliers 1st/7th Battalion 29/05/1915
HALL Thomas Private 11885 Yorkshire Regiment 9th Battalion 05/07/1916
HAMLETT James Sergeant 9797 South Staffordshire Regiment 1st Battalion 17/09/1918
HAMMOND Hilgrove Engineer Commander Royal Navy HMS Triumph 25/05/1915
HAMON Alexandre
HAMON Alfred Private 40562 Royal Engineers 69th Field Company 03/08/1916
HAMON Alfred de Gruchy Second Mate Mercantile Marine SS Sea Serpent 23/03/1916
HAMON Francis Gunner 2100729 Canadian Garrison Artillery 21/12/1918
HAMON Francis John Private 305326 Tank Corps 7th Battalion 23/08/1918
HAMON Frank Marie Private PLY/2564/S Royal Marine Light Infantry 1st RM Battalion 26/05/1918
HAMON Lawrence William Lance Corporal 10398 Welsh Regiment 1st Battalion 27/04/1915
HAMON Leon François
HAMON Philip John Lance Corporal 80086 Canadian Infantry (Alberta Regiment) 31st Battalion 03/05/1917
HAMON Valentin Marie Pierre Soldat 05225 French Infantry 2nd Regiment 09/09/1914
HAMON Winter Francis Driver 19100 Royal Engineers 27th Division Signal Company 27/04/1917
HANLON George Private 12864 Royal Defence Corps 351st Company 11/11/1916
HANNAFORD Henry Frederick William Private 9354 Dorsetshire Regiment 2nd Battalion 09/12/1915
HARDAWAY Alfred Private 37611 South Wales Borderers 2nd Battalion 21/11/1917
HARDING Arthur Bert Private South Wales Borderers 23/04/1916
HARDING Nelson John Sergeant 4232 Royal Irish Rifles 7th Battalion 16/08/1917
HARDING Thomas Sidney Private 889804 Canadian Infantry (Quebec Regiment) 14th Battalion 09/04/1917
HAREL Gratien Alfred Albert Soldat 2nd Class 14631 French Infantry 43rd Colonial Regiment 25/10/1918
HAREL Pierre Soldat 2nd Class 153466 French Infantry 54th Colonial Regiment 26/08/1916
HARMAN Charles Edward Colonel Royal Dublin Fusiliers 9th (Service) Battalion 05/01/1915
HARPER Maurice Henry De Jersey Surgeon Royal Navy HMS Queen Mary 31/05/1916
HARRIS Percy Gunner 198878 Royal Field Artillery B Battery 198th Brigade 21/03/1918
HARRIS Wilfred Ernest Lieutenant Royal Field Artillery 62nd Trench Mortar Battery 15/09/1917
HART Charles Sergeant 13405 Royal Defence Corps 318th Protection Company 18/07/1917
HART Ernest Stoker 1st Class K21928 Royal Navy HM Submarine H3 15/07/1916
HARVEY Harold Joseph Private 1290 Royal Militia of the Island of Jersey 2nd (or East) Battalion 05/09/1915
HARVEY Thomas Styles Gunner 92456 Royal Field Artillery A Bty 78 Bde 26/12/1916
HARZO François J Able Seaman Mercantile Marine SS Gower Coast 04/04/1917
HEALEY Michael Thomas Private Devonshire Regiment 04/03/1919
HEATH Edmund Griffith Captain Royal Field Artillery 97th Brigade 25/09/1915
HEBERT John Emile Private 11887 Yorkshire Regiment 9th Battalion 05/07/1916
HENMAN Richard Max Major Royal Field Artillery 03/11/1918
HENRIOT Jules Georges Marie Bernard Soldat 2nd Class 8857 French Infantry 161st Regiment 05/02/1915
HENRY Andrew Ogilvy Conductor 3021 Royal Army Ordnance Corps June 1918
HERAUVILLE Louis Eugene Auguste Soldat 11550 French Infantry 70th Regiment 24/08/1916
HERIZ-SMITH Ambrose Joseph Cocks Lieutenant Devonshire Regiment 6th Battalion 08/03/1916
HERNOT Joseph Private 907887 Canadian Infantry (Saskatchewan Regiment) 5th Battalion 23/06/1917
HERVE Joseph François Private 34084 Yorkshire Regiment 5th Battalion 24/07/1918
HERVE Stanley Gunner 114852 Royal Garrison Artillery 346th Siege Battery 23/07/1917
HERVE William P Rifleman 4822 Royal Irish Rifles 3rd Battalion 14/11/1915
HEWAT Anthony Morris Coats Captain Royal Scots (Lothian Regiment) 08/09/1914
HEWITT Gordon Hughes Second Lieutenant South Lancashire Regiment 2nd Battalion 24/09/1914
HEYES John Arthur Manley Corporal L/6999 Royal Sussex Regiment 2nd Battalion 06/01/1915
HEYLAND Arthur Alexander Lieutenant Indian Army 5th Gurkha Rifles 22/05/1915
HEYLAND John Rowley Lunell Captain Indian Army 9th Gurkha Rifles 11/03/1915
HIBBS Jeffrey Private 458158 Canadian Infantry 60th Battalion 12/08/1916
HIBBS Laurence Bosdet Second Lieutenant Royal Irish Rifles 7th Battalion 02/03/1916
HICHENS William Thomas Second Lieutenant Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry 9th Battalion - Attached 1st Battalion 03/09/1916
HILL William Private 9085 Devonshire Regiment 1st Battalion 03/04/1915
HIND Charles Raymond Second Lieutenant South Staffordshire Regiment 2nd Battalion 29/05/1916
HINGSTON Edward Major Royal Engineers 54th Field Company 28/03/1915
HINGSTON George Bennett Lieutenant-Colonel Royal Engineers 16/06/1915
HOBBS Herbert Henry George Private 9358 Devonshire Regiment 9th Battalion 04/10/1917
HOCQUARD Harold Gunner 508 Australian Siege Artillery O Siege Brigade 27/04/1917
HODGE Frederick Charles Lance Corporal 9260 Dorsetshire Regiment 1st Battalion 11/08/1918
HODGE William Robert Private 860 Manchester Regiment 2nd Battalion 21/05/1915
HOFFMAN Francis Edward Charles Seaman 3257B Royal Navy HMS Aboukir 22/09/1914
HOLBOURN Cyril Ralph Private 14086 Inns of Court Officers Training Corps 01/11/1918
HOLDEN Holford Private 26383 East Surrey Regiment 1st Battalion 21/05/1918
HOLLAND Edward William Herbert Armourer's Mate 346926 Royal Navy HMS Louvain 21/01/1918
HOLLAND Harold Edward CQMS 8719 East Surrey Regiment 8th Battalion 01/09/1918
HOLLEY Alfred Private G/8151 Middlesex Regiment 13th Battalion 01/09/1916
HOLLISTER Charles 8011 East Surrey Regiment 1st Battalion 20/04/1915
HOLLOWAY Frederick George Private 35546 York and Lancaster Regiment 2nd/4th Battalion 27/09/1918
HONEYCOMBE William Arthur Private 43956 Hampshire Regiment 15th Battalion 04/09/1918
HOPE Charles Lance Corporal 11052 South African Infantry "B" Coy. 1st Regt 22/09/1917
HOPKINS Frederick Gunner 89053 Royal Field Artillery "C" Battery 34th Brigade 04/11/1918
HOPKINS Walter Guille Private 29982 Hampshire Regiment 2nd Battalion 17/06/1918
HOPTON Edward Michael Lieutenant Shropshire Yeomanry 1st/1st 17/03/1916
HORMAN James Adolphus Lance Corporal 47024 London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers) 8th Battalion 24/06/1917
HORMAN Wilfred Walter Private 45639 Hampshire Regiment 15th Battalion 22/10/1918
HOSTINGUE Arsene Georges Soldat 2nd Class 19075 French Infantry 94th Regiment 24/04/1917
HOTTON Alfred Edward Private 125385 Machine Gun Corps 25th Company 18/04/1918
HOTTON Henry Summers Second Officer Mercantile Marine SS Ardgartan 14/04/1919
HOTTON John William Private 41005 Somerset Light Infantry 1st Battalion 03/07/1918
HOTTON Willie Sapper 500540 Canadian Engineers HQ Signal Company 16/11/1918
HOUEL Henri Marie Auguste Louis Soldat 017015 French Infantry 25th Regiment 08/08/1915
HOULBECQ Francis William First Mate Mercantile Marine SS Dauntless 04/02/1917
HOWARD Edgar Thomas Private 241706 Somerset Light Infantry 1st/5th Battalion 10/10/1918
HOWARD Robert Vernon Private 10351 Royal Army Medical Corps 04/05/1917
HOWE Alfred Arthur CSM 9120 King's Own Royal Lancaster Regiment 1st Battalion 05/07/1916
HOWE Ernest William Private 3/5395 Dorsetshire Regiment 1st Battalion 11/01/1915
HUBERT Arthur Bond Officer's Steward 3rd Class L5513 Royal Navy HMS Penn 01/10/1918
HUBERT Cecil Charles Corporal 196 Royal Guernsey Light Infantry 1st Battalion 20/01/1918
HUBERT Donald Franklyn Captain Indian Army 9th Bhopal Infantry 14/03/1917
HUBY Emmanuel Jean Francois Canonier - 2nd Class 012357 French Field Artillery 270th Regiment 13/04/1918
HUBY Louis Francois Michel Soldat 2nd Class 21584 French Infantry 158th Regiment 29/05/1918
HUDSON Edward Stanley Second Lieutenant Devonshire Regiment 10th Battalion 13/02/1917
HUDSON Godfrey Major Machine Gun Corps 12/04/1918
HUELIN Walter Paul Private TF/235160 Middlesex Regiment 1st/7th Battalion 24/08/1918
HUISH William John Arthur Corporal 19598 Gloucestershire Regiment 14th Battalion 22/10/1917
HUMPHREY Alick Chief Stoker 283262 Royal Navy HMS Hampshire 05/06/1916
HUMPHRYS Charles Edward Chief Armourer 343709 Royal Navy HMS Princess Royal 31/05/1916
HURLEY Herbert George Private 9222 Dorsetshire Regiment 1st Battalion 13/10/1914
HUTCHINGS Arthur Sidney Drummer S/29564 Cameron Highlanders 3rd Battalion 05/09/1917
HUTCHINGS Clarence Percy Private 189841 Labour Corps 34th Company 26/10/1918
HUTCHINGS Samuel Herbert Corporal 57402 Machine Gun Corps 11th Company 07/04/1917
HUXFORD Harry Archibald Gunner 14132 Royal Garrison Artillery 130th Heavy Battery 17/09/1916
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