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Charles Isidore Laugeard
Jack Le Breton
Francis Joseph Lucas
LAINEY Arthur Raymond Bombardier 169847 Royal Garrison Artillery 475th Siege Battery 02/12/1917
LAKEMAN William James Private 57224 Canadian Infantry (Central Ontario Regiment) 20th Battalion 01/11/1917
LAMBIE James Lance Corporal 7742 Highland Light Infantry 2nd Battalion 21/10/1914
LAMERTON Thomas Mercantile Marine 26/02/1917
LAMY Pierre Frederic Valentin Soldat 013557 French Infantry 371st Regiment 14/08/1917
LANGFORD Horace A Captain British Columbia Horse 30th Regiment 27/05/1920
LANGLOIS Francis Philip Private 458149 Canadian Infantry 60th Battalion 09/10/1916
LANGLOIS George Edmund Private 24233 Dorsetshire Regiment 6th Battalion 11/06/1918
LANGLOIS George Edward Private 38810 Hampshire Regiment 1st Battalion 04/10/1917
LANGLOIS Philip John Private 474 Royal Militia of the Island of Jersey 1st (or West) Battalion 02/02/1915
LANSARD Victor Francois Louis Soldat 010615 French Infantry 270th Regiment 05/05/1917
LARBALESTIER Arthur Norman Private 6639 Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry 3rd Battalion 28/05/1916
LARBALESTIER Bernard Corporal 87192 Canadian Field Artillery 5th Brigade 02/12/1916
LASAUCE Alfred Private 623 Royal Guernsey Light Infantry 2nd Battalion 23/06/1917
LAUGEARD Charles Isidore Sergeant 28461 DCM Hampshire Regiment 2nd Battalion 02/10/1918
LAURENS Adolphus John Private 14379 Royal Army Medical Corps 08/05/1917
LAURENS Albert Joshua Air Mechanic 2nd Class 48764 Royal Flying Corps 31/12/1917
LAURENS George Rifleman 4161 Royal Irish Rifles 7th Battalion 12/08/1917
LAURENS Samuel John Private PS/595 Royal Fusiliers 19th Battalion 01/01/1916
LAURENS William Private 2406 London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers) 2nd Battalion 12/06/1915
LAURIER Frank John Private 1693 Royal Guernsey Light Infantry 1st Battalion 13/04/1918
LAVAULEE Eugene Pierre Soldat 2nd Class 5567 French Infantry 136th Regiment 04/09/1915
LAWFORD Edwin Nelson Private 9251 South Africa South African Infantry 4th Regiment 09/04/1917
LAWRENCE Frank Helier Second Lieutenant Gloucestershire Regiment 3rd Battalion 09/05/1915
LAWSON John Low Major Royal Army Service Corps 15/06/1916
LE BAIL Alexandre Soldat 06721 French Infantry 2nd Regiment 05/09/1914
LE BAS Arthur Private 8081 London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers) 1st/2nd Battalion 23/09/1916
LE BLANCQ Edgar Arthur Private G/17949 Royal Sussex Regiment 12th Battalion 17/10/1916
LE BLANCQ John Cyril Private 39338 Hampshire Regiment 1st Battalion 28/04/1918
LE BLOND Leon Sergeant 8351 Hampshire Regiment 2nd Battalion 28/04/1917
LE BORGNE François Marie
LE BORGNE Louis Francois Soldat 016767 French Infantry 247th Regiment 29/08/1914
LE BOUCHER Yves Marie Soldat 16744 French Infantry 74th Regiment 16/12/1914
LE BOUSTOULLER Emmanuel Soldat 4461 French Infantry 2nd Regiment 06/05/1916
LE BOUTILLIER Auguste Louis Private 29500 Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry 1st Battalion 28/06/1918
LE BOUTILLIER John Engine Room Artificer 4th Class M22714 Royal Navy HM Submarine E14 28/01/1918
LE BOYDRE Philip Louis Private 7993 Australia Australian Infantry 16th Battalion 11/08/1918
LE BRETON Francis Corporal 86067 MM Canadian Field Artillery 6th Brigade 09/04/1917
LE BRETON Raymond Private 19954 Dorsetshire Regiment 1st Battalion 16/04/1918
LE BRETON St Elmo Private 29998 Hampshire Regiment 2nd Battalion 11/08/1918
LE BRETON Thomas John Lance Corporal 265170 King's Liverpool Regiment 1st/7th Battalion 09/04/1918
LE BRETON Walter Clarence Private 11860 East Surrey Regiment 1st Battalion 08/05/1917
LE BRETON Wilfred John Private Royal Militia of the Island of Jersey 3rd (or Town) Battalion 23/11/1916
LE BRETON William John Gunner 53635 Royal Field Artillery "A" Battery 99th Brigade 16/09/1918
LE BRUN Chris Stoker 2nd Class K/21950 Royal Navy HMS Good Hope 01/11/1914
LE BRUN Lewis Appleby Second Lieutenant Hampshire Regiment 3rd Battalion - Attached Somerset Light Infantry 31/10/1918
LE CALVEZ François Yves Marie Soldat 17206 French Infantry 247th Regiment 06/10/1916
LE CAPPELAIN Arthur Henry Private 6709 Gordon Highlanders 2nd Battalion 16/05/1915
LE CAUDEY Harold Lawrence Sapper 317143 Royal Engineers 1st Signal Troop 02/04/1918
LE CHEVALIER Albert John Lance Sergeant TF/260241 Royal Sussex Regiment A Company 7th Battalion 25/09/1918
LE CLEARE Louis Joseph Rifleman 10180 Royal Irish Rifles Depot
LE COCQ George Private 29524 Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry 1st Battalion 06/11/1917
LE COCQ John Charles Gunner 70525 Royal Horse Artillery "L" Battery 25/03/1918
LE COCQ Richard James Private 10339 Welsh Regiment Welsh Regiment 24/05/1915
LE COCQ Yves Sergeant 3144 Royal Irish Regiment 6th Battalion 19/08/1916
LE CORNU Adolphus Rifleman 45067 King's Royal Rifle Corps 1st Battalion 23/08/1918
LE CORNU John Edward Private 43997 Hampshire Regiment 1st Battalion 28/10/1918
LE CORNU Philip Francis Private 1054442 Canadian Infantry (Quebec Regiment) 14th Battalion 14/09/1918
LE CORNU Philip Renouf Armourer M16081 Royal Navy HMS Malaya 31/05/1916
LE CRAS Reginald Clifford Lance Sergeant 5534 Rifle Brigade 13th Battalion 31/05/1917
LE DAIN Bertie Edward Sergeant M2/079765 Royal Army Service Corps C Siege Park Attached III Corps Heavy Artillerry 19/12/1918
LE DAIN Daniel Le M Steward 735007 Mercantile Marine Reserve HMS Clan MacNaughton 03/02/1915
LE FEBVRE Charles Joseph Private 38846 Hampshire Regiment 1st Battalion 04/10/1917
LE FEUVRE Albert L Sergeant 4155 Royal Irish Rifles 2nd Battalion 23/11/1917
LE FEUVRE Arthur Mourant Private G/20767 Middlesex Regiment 13th Battalion 18/08/1917
LE FEUVRE Edward Thomas Second Mate Mercantile Marine SS Glenfruin 26/01/1918
LE FEUVRE George Philip Private 31916 Wiltshire Regiment 6th Battalion 21/01/1917
LE FEUVRE John Charles Private 238037 Gloucestershire Regiment 13th Battalion 23/03/1918
LE FEUVRE Walter Tom Lieutenant Royal Engineers 08/01/1917
LE FEUVRE William Frederick Lance Corporal 4158 Royal Irish Rifles 7th Battalion 22/05/1917
LE FEVRE Joseph Marie Sapeur 0669bis French Engineers 6th Engineer Company 21/05/1917
LE FLOCH Frederick Private 35946 Machine Gun Corps 198th Company 20/09/1917
LE FRANCOIS James Edward Gunner 150271 Royal Garrison Artillery 396th Siege Battery 26/11/1918
LE GALL Joseph
LE GALL Pierre
LE GALLAIS John Corporal 3155216 Canadian Infantry (Quebec Regiment) 2nd Depot Battalion 31/07/1920
LE GALLAIS Reginald Walter Second Lieutenant Royal Flying Corps 15/09/1917
LE GALLOUDEC Ernest Peter Lance Corporal 559 Royal Guernsey Light Infantry 1st Battalion 01/12/1917
LE GARSMEUR Yves Marie Soldat 019413 French Infantry 49th Regiment 04/10/1914
LE GRAND Arthur Philip Private 110312 5th Canadian Mounted Rifles (Quebec Regiment) 02/10/1916
LE GRESLEY Frank Private 8483 Hampshire Regiment 1st Battalion 09/07/1915
LE GRESLEY Peter John Private 145837 Machine Gun Corps 34th Battalion 27/07/1918
LE GROS Alfred Reginald Officer's Steward 3rd Class L9275 Royal Navy HMS Ariel 02/08/1918
LE GROS Charles Aubin CSM 701124 Canadian Infantry (Quebec Regiment) 13th Battalion 01/10/1918
LE GROS Claude Douglas Private 6980 Honourable Artillery Company 15/05/1917
LE GROS Ernest Able Seaman J44856 Royal Navy HMS Opal 12/01/1918
LE HERISSIER John (Jack) Rene Adolphus Sergeant 510656 Canadian Army Service Corps 24/01/1919
LE HUQUET Alfred Joseph Gunner 62252 Royal Field Artillery 28th Battery 23/05/1915
LE HUQUET John CQMS 23010 Welsh Regiment 19th Battalion 18/07/1915
LE HUQUET John Edward Steward Mercantile Marine HMS Sarnia 08/09/1916
LE HUQUET John Stanley Private 409990 Labour Corps 885th Area Employment Company 02/02/1918
LE HUQUET W (William?) Able Seaman Mercantile Marine SS Alacrity 30/03/1916
LE LIEVRE Clarence Charles Able Seaman Royal Navy HMS Briton 21/08/1917
LE LIEVRE George Philip Rifleman 4149 Royal Irish Rifles 7th Battalion 16/08/1917
LE LIEVRE John Auguste Able Seaman R/1569 Royal Navy Hawke Battalion Royal Naval Division 02/04/1918
LE LION Philip Francis Stoker 1st Class K22356 Royal Navy HMS Conflict Drake Battalion Royal Naval Division 28/11/1918
LE LION Walter George Sapper 20922 Royal Engineers 75th Field Company 23/11/1918
LE LOUARN Charles Soldat 2nd Class 012648 French Infantry 69th Regiment 02/07/1916
LE LOUARN Pierre Marie Soldat 2nd Class French Infantry 271st Regiment 19/06/1916
LE MAISTRE Charles Winter Private 29542 Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry 1st Battalion 06/11/1917
LE MAISTRE Oclare Private 21131 Wiltshire Regiment 5th Battalion 18/06/1916
LE MAITRE Constant Private 7026 Royal Irish Regiment 2nd Battalion 28/05/1915
LE MAITRE Jean Marie Sergent 014492 French Infantry 1st Colonial Regiment 26/09/1915
LE MARQUAND Edward Charles Private 2323 Grenadier Guards 1st Battalion 26/08/1916
LE MASURIER Charles Gerald Rifleman B/203372 Rifle Brigade 11th Battalion 04/04/1917
LE MASURIER Henry William Lance Corporal 29522 Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry 1st Battalion 29/09/1918
LE MASURIER John Second Officer Mercantile Marine SS Vedra 08/12/1914
LE MASURIER John Edward Private 2708 Australian Field Artillery 3rd Brigade Ammunition Column 29/05/1915
LE MASURIER John George Walter Private 9249 Dorsetshire Regiment 2nd Battalion 29/08/1916
LE MAUVIOT Albert Jules Constantin Soldat 5572 French Infantry 225th Regiment 05/09/1914
LE MEHAUTE Jean François Soldat 2nd Class 2637 French Infantry 74th Territorial Regiment 22/04/1915
LE MELLIN Guilleaume
LE MERCIER Walter Charles Corporal 8856 Royal Engineers 12th Field Company 21/03/1918
LE MESSURIER Cecil Cooper Second Lieutenant Bedfordshire Regiment 6th Battalion 15/11/1916
LE MESURIER Alfred Clive Second Lieutenant Indian Army 33rd Queen Victoria's Own Light Cavalry 29/04/1915
LE MIERE John Louis Private 84030 London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers) 4th Battalion 10/09/1918
LE MOAL François M
LE MOEL Joseph Marie Soldat 2nd Class 076078 French Infantry 154th Regiment 25/09/1915
LE MOIGNAN John Francis Gunner 131438 Royal Garrison Artillery 42nd Siege Battery 19/05/1918
LE MOIGNAN Philip Paul Private 1247 Royal Guernsey Light Infantry 1st Battalion 01/12/1917
LE MONNIER Edwin Private 19779 Machine Gun Corps 25th Company 26/04/1918
LE MONTAIS De Lecq John Richard Gunner 182521 Royal Garrison Artillery 21/03/1918
LE MOUTON Joseph Private 1298 South Lancashire Regiment 2nd Battalion 24/10/1914
LE NEVEU Percy Godfray Private 129953 Canadian Infantry (British Columbia Regiment) 72nd Battalion 09/04/1917
LE PAPE François
LE PAVOUX Guillaume Victor Soldat 2nd Class 540 French Infantry 271st Regiment 12/02/1915
LE PENNEC Alfred Private 4235 Royal Irish Rifles 7th Battalion 28/07/1916
LE PENNEC François Marie Soldat 2nd Class 10435 French Infantry 116th Regiment 18/04/1916
LE PENNEC Toussaint Philip Corporal 4913 Rifle Brigade 8th Battalion 30/01/1916
LE PEURIAN Louis Private 38813 Hampshire Regiment 1st Battalion 28/03/1918
LE POIDEVIN William Stanley Sergeant Major 526501 Canadian Army Medical Corps 6th Field Ambulance 28/01/1920
LE QUELENEC Francis Henry Lance Sergeant 12 Royal Guernsey Light Infantry 2nd Battalion 05/05/1917
LE QUESNE George Reve Private 162627 Royal Garrison Artillery 1st/2nd (Lancashire) Heavy Battery 19/08/1917
LE QUESNE Philip Nelson Private 38850 Hampshire Regiment 1st Battalion 29/09/1918
LE ROSSIGNOL Wilfred Private 18821 North Staffordshire Regiment 1st Battalion 24/08/1916
LE ROSSIGNOL Wilfred John Private 920114 Canadian Infantry (Quebec Regiment) 14th Battalion 02/09/1918
LE ROUGETEL Bertram Corporal 477535 Royal Canadian Regiment 16/09/1916
LE ROUGETEL Guy Private 33891 Machine Gun Corps 187th Company 04/02/1917
LE ROUGETEL Stanley George Lance Corporal 27908 Wiltshire Regiment 2nd Battalion
LE ROUX Alfred Victor Sergent 26253 French Infantry 1st Zouave Regiment 21/11/1916
LE ROUX Jean Marie Soldat 16935 French Infantry 48th Regiment 22/04/1915
LE RUEZ Francis Harold Private 30691 Devonshire Regiment 8th Battalion 09/05/1917
LE SAUVAGE Ernest Davies (Boy) Lieutenant Royal Flying Corps 30/05/1916
LE SAUVAGE Courtenay Corporal S4/060175 Royal Army Service Corps XIX Corps Field Butchery 06/03/1917
LE SEELLEUR Godfrey Private 54891 Welsh Regiment 15th Battalion 19/09/1918
LE SEELLEUR Gordon Jandron Lieutenant Royal Navy Drake Battalion Royal Naval Division 10/08/1917
LE SEELLEUR Hedley Private 536643 Canadian Army Medical Corps 01/03/1918
LE SEELLEUR John Thomas Lieutenant Royal Marine Light Infantry HMS Invincible 31/05/1916
LE SUEUR Clement George Private 3158 Seaforth Highlanders 1st/5th Battalion 17/07/1915
LE SUEUR Ernest Geoffrey Carrington Captain Yorkshire Regiment 1st Battalion - Attached 2nd Battalion 26/07/1917
LE SUEUR Philip Clement Petty Officer 73 Royal Australian Navy 1st Reserve Bridging Team 16/08/1915
LE TOUZE Francis Charles CERA 1469EA Royal Naval Reserve HMS Bergamot 13/08/1917
LE VENOIS Leon Private G/21035 Middlesex Regiment 13th Battalion 21/08/1916
LE VERDIER Auguste Adolphe Paul Soldat 015459 French Infantry 25th Regiment 03/10/1914
LE VERDIER Jean Adolphe Leon Soldat 2nd Class 7668 French Infantry 74th Territorial Regiment 19/07/1916
LE VERDIER Jules Gustave Emile Soldat 08215 French Infantry 70th Regiment 30/04/1917
LE VESCONTE John Thomas Stoker -1st Class 302978 Royal Navy HMS Good Hope 01/11/1914
LE VILLIO Pierre Marie Soldat 6148 French Infantry 202nd Regiment 21/12/1914
LEAMON FW Private 772 Royal Jersey Garrison Battalion 27/03/1920
LEEK Henry George Guardsman 13695 Grenadier Guards 2nd Battalion 10/11/1914
LEGRAND François
LEGROS Auguste
LELLIOTT Basil Lance Corporal 10133 King's Own Royal Lancaster Regiment 2nd Battalion 08/05/1915
LELONG Jules François Justin Soldat 150 French Infantry 25th Regiment 09/09/1914
LEMOINE Joseph Marie Celestin Soldat 2nd Class 3920 French Infantry 271st Regiment 25/11/1914
LEMPRIERE Henry Anderson Lieutenant-Colonel Cavalry 7th Dragoons 23/12/1914
LENNARD William Herbert Private 9077 Dorsetshire Regiment 1st Battalion 12/10/1914
LEOPOLD Archibald Private 609 Australian Infantry 20th Battalion 11/04/1920
LERAT Alfred Yves Rifleman 5016 Rifle Brigade 3rd Battalion 18/10/1914
LERAY Leon Jean François Soldat 6110 French Infantry 2nd Regiment 19/12/1914
LESTER Arthur Private 28783 Worcestershire Regiment 3rd Battalion 21/07/1917
LETTO Henry George Private G/33333 Middlesex Regiment Depot 01/05/1918
LEVERTY John William Saddler 81678 Royal Field Artillery 73rd Battery 5th Brigade 06/09/1918
LEWIS Arthur Charles Gunner 315953 Canadian Field Artillery 6th Brigade 09/10/1918
LEWIS George Arthur Dunalley Second Lieutenant South Staffordshire Regiment 4th Battalion 08/07/1915
LEWIS Joseph Private 37946 Suffolk Regiment 11th Battalion 19/04/1918
LIHOU Joseph T Private Royal Militia of the Island of Jersey 3rd (or Town) Battalion 04/09/1915
LILLICRAP John George Private G/50519 Middlesex Regiment 2nd Battalion 25/03/1918
LINDSAY George Lawrence Chief Stoker 176607 Royal Navy HMS Good Hope 01/11/1914
LINDSAY Robert Private 7861 Highland Light Infantry 12th Battalion 08/06/1918
LINDSEY Samuel William Templeman Boatswain 217000 Royal Navy 29/05/1917
LIVERMORE Frederick Isaac Private 12669 Dorsetshire Regiment 2nd Battalion 25/03/1917
LIVERMORE William Henry Private 22214 Dorsetshire Regiment 1st Battalion 17/11/1916
LOADER Claude Alexander Edgar Leading Seaman 238326 Royal Navy HMS Challenger 12/12/1918
LOADER Percy Augustus Private 82 Australian Infantry 4th Pioneers 03/08/1916
LOCK Walter Henry Able Seaman 205253 Royal Navy HM Submarine D2 30/11/1914
LOGAN Lionel Henry Staff Sergeant
LORIER Peter Frank Sergeant 21857 Royal Irish Fusiliers 7th Battalion 20/11/1917
LOUIS Auguste Marie Joseph Stoker - 2nd Class 30656 French Navy Admiral Charner 08/02/1916
LOUIS Ernest Frank Corporal 4373 Royal Irish Rifles 7th Battalion 22/05/1917
LOYER Auguste Mathurin Julien Soldat 15228 French Infantry 1st Colonial Regiment 10/06/1915
LUCAS Francis Joseph Rifleman 12896 King's Royal Rifle Corps 2nd Battalion 17/10/1918
LUCAS John W Private 12401 Dorsetshire Regiment 5th Battalion 01/10/1915
LUCE Edward Corporal 4365 Royal Irish Rifles 7th Battalion 06/09/1916
LUCE Gordon Private Royal Militia Island of Jersey 2nd Battalion
LUCE Oswald Private 108129 Machine Gun Corps 50th Battalion 06/06/1918
LUCE Philip John Sapper 17356 Royal Engineers 2nd Field Company 23/10/1916
LUCE Philip Stanley Lieutenant Royal Navy Anson Battalion Royal Naval Division 25/08/1918
LUNN Frank Victor Lieutenant King's Liverpool Regiment 8th Battalion 31/05/1918
LYDON James Private 8826 South Staffordshire Regiment 4th Battalion 19/10/1914
LYTE Owen Nevill Lieutenant Royal Army Service Corps 6th Division Mechanical Transport Company 31/10/1918
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