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Arthur Male
MacCOLL Malcolm Graeme Private 5927 Australian Infantry 18th Battalion 03/05/1917
MACE Donatien
MACGREGOR Arthur Lemuel Civilian SS Lusitania 07/05/1915
MACHON Charles John Private 478550 Royal Canadian Regiment 16/04/1918
MACHON Edward David Private 30004 Hampshire Regiment 2nd Battalion 30/06/1918
MACKAY Arthur Jack Private 7488 London Regiment (London Scottish) 14th Battalion 20/10/1916
MACKAY Edgar Leslie Private 208444 Royal Canadian Regiment 04/09/1917
MACKAY Walter Henry Private 4105 Royal Newfoundland Regiment 02/10/1918
MAGUIRE Archibald William Private 26169 Wiltshire Regiment 2nd Battalion 21/03/1918
MAITRE Auguste Jean Soldat 2nd Class 5986 Chasseurs à Pied 8th Battalion 09/04/1916
MALE Arthur Joseph Rifleman 4174 Royal Irish Rifles 7th Battalion 09/09/1916
MALET DE CARTERET Philip Reginald Midshipman Royal Navy HMS Queen Mary 31/05/1916
MALLET Clement Stanley Bertram Midshipman Royal Navy HMS Hampshire 05/06/1916
MALLETT Benjamin Private 6012 Somerset Light Infantry 6th Battalion 17/03/1917
MALLETT Charles Edwin Ralph Rifleman 6690 Royal Irish Rifles 7th Battalion 14/05/1916
MALLETT Philip Frederick H Captain Gloucestershire Regiment 1st Battalion 12/11/1918
MALLETT Stanley Bandsman 281 Black Watch 2nd Battalion 02/06/1915
MALOREY John Israel Private 21870 Royal Irish Fusiliers 7th Battalion 16/08/1917
MALZARD John Stanley Private 3032675 Canadian Infantry (Central Ontario Regiment) 19th Battalion 10/11/1918
MANGER Walter George Donkeyman Mercantile Marine SS Theresa Heymann 25/12/1914
MARAIS Ernest Edmund Private 29481 Dorsetshire Regiment 2nd Battalion 04/08/1918
MARAIS William Able Seaman R/1565 Royal Navy Hawke Battalion Royal Naval Division 1/10/1917
MARCUS John Philip Steward Mercantile Marine SS Lucilene 13/03/1917
MARETT Clarence Frederick Private 59286 Northumberland Fusiliers 23rd (Tyneside Scottish) Bn 24/10/1918
MARETT Edward Clarence Labourer HM Dockyard HMS Fisgard II 17/09/1914
MARETT George Le Lievre Sapper 184372 Royal Engineers 84th Field Company 10/02/1918
MARETT Lionel Ernest Third Officer Mercantile Marine SS Bristol City 19/12/1917
MARIE Alfred John Private 38669 Hampshire Regiment 1st Battalion 29/11/1917
MARIE Auguste
MARIE Philip John Lance Corporal 8688 Hampshire Regiment 2nd Battalion 28/04/1915
MARINDIN Henry Eden Alan Second Lieutenant King's Shropshire Light Infantry 1st/4th Battalion 08/10/1918
MARKS Leonard Sapper 516313 Royal Engineers DK Cable Section 03/01/1919
MARKS Theodore Quartermaster Mercantile Marine SS Aylevarroo 07/10/1917
MARQUER Toussaint Marie Shipwright 2nd Class 342455 Royal Navy HMS Good Hope 01/11/1914
MARQUIS Henry George Steven Gunner 11024 Royal Field Artillery D Battery 148th Brigade 25/04/1918
MARSH Albert Edward Sergeant L/8844 East Surrey Regiment 2nd Battalion 08/05/1915
MARSHALL Douglas Cargill Lieutenant Lancashire Fusiliers 1st Battalion 28/06/1915
MARSHALL Ernest William Private 302219 Labour Corps 25th Company 04/09/1917
MARSHALL Henry George Levet Private 71590 Royal Army Medical Corps 5th General Base Depot 03/02/1916
MARSHALL William Frank CSM 4168 Royal Irish Rifles 7th Battalion 06/09/1916
MARSHALL William MacAndrew Captain 37th Dogras 19/03/1918
MARTIN George John Air Mechanic 3rd Class 299418 Royal Air Force Recruits Training Wing 26/10/1918
MARTIN John Wilfred Rifleman 45065 King's Royal Rifle Corps 1st Battalion 03/09/1918
MARTIN Peter Private 1470 Royal Guernsey Light Infantry 1st Battalion 01/12/1917
MARTIN RL Foreman Mercantile Marine SS Anglo-Californian 04/07/1915
MARTIN Tom Leonard Franklyn Gunner 342855 Canadian Garrison Artillery 2nd Brigade 30/09/1918
MARTIN Walter George Rifleman 4170 Royal Irish Rifles 7th Battalion 30/07/1916
MARTYN Francis Joseph Leslie First Mate Mercantile Marine SS Rio Verde 21/02/1918
MASON Walter Gaudin Gunner 61768 Royal Garrison Artillery 120th Siege Battery 08/05/1917
MATHIAS George Lance Corporal 11983 East Surrey Regiment 12th Battalion 25/09/1917
MATSON Alfred George Gunner 196035 Royal Garrison Artillery 144th Siege Battery 06/11/1917
MAUGER Albert Edward Boy 1st Class J55411 Royal Navy HMS Vanguard 09/07/1917
MAUGER George Ernest Private T/2202 East Surrey Regiment 5th Battalion 15/03/1915
MAUGER George Hamptonne Able Seaman Royal Navy HMS Reventazon 1918
MAUGER Gerald Lieutenant Royal Guernsey Light Infantry 1st Battalion 20/03/1918
MAUGER Philip Edward Private 108134 Machine Gun Corps 02/03/1919
MAUGER Philip Edward Second Hand 11632/DA Royal Navy HM Drifter Coleus 04/10/1918
MAUGER Reginald Arthur Rifleman 9493 Royal Irish Rifles 2nd Battalion 23/11/1917
MAXWELL-MOFFAT Alexander Logan Nathan Lieutenant Dorsetshire Regiment 2nd Battalion 21/11/1914
MCDERMOTT Francis (Frank) Joseph Sergeant 3669 Royal Irish Rifles 7th Battalion 12/01/1917
MCGRATH Ernest James Sergeant 20721 Devonshire Regiment 1st Battalion 14/04/1917
MCLEOD Edward John Private 30007 Hampshire Regiment 2nd Battalion 15/03/1918
MCREADY-DIARMID Allastair Malcolm Cluny Captain Middlesex Regiment 17th Battalion 01/12/1917
MEADE Richard John Frederick Philip Lieutenant King George's Own Ferozepore Sikhs 14th Battalion 04/06/1915
MEHEUST Francois Louis Marie Soldat 8048 French Infantry 324th Regiment 30/05/1917
MEHEUX Augustin Marie Soldat 2nd Class 1844 French Infantry 74th Territorial Regiment 22/06/1916
MESNY Arthur James Private 29258 Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry 1st Battalion 05/10/1917
MESSAGER Leonce Francois Soldat 015872bis French Infantry 74th Regiment 20/01/1918
MESSERVY Edmund Sidney Corporal 761121 London Regiment (Artists' Rifles) 1st/28th Battalion 30/10/1917
MESSERVY Ernest Dyce Captain Royal Flying Corps 56 Squadron 20/07/1917
MESSERVY Gerald Major Royal Field Artillery 16th Battery 41st Brigade 09/10/1918
METTERS Wilfred Albert Private 12124 East Lancashire Regiment 6th Battalion 14/07/1915
MICHEL John Private 204382 Devonshire Regiment 1st/5th Battalion 14/03/1918
MICHEL John Francis Private 10497 Yorkshire Regiment 2nd Battalion 20/02/1915
MICHEL Philip Corporal 9468 Devonshire Regiment 1st Battalion 30/10/1914
MIERS Maurice Colin Capel Lieutenant-Colonel Middlesex Regiment. Somerset Light Infantry 5th Battalion 09/08/1917
MILLAIS Geoffrey Guille Gunner 2/2489 New Zealand Field Artillery 15th Battery 1st Brigade 05/10/1916
MILLER Frederick Clifford Chief Steward Mercantile Marine SS South Western 16/03/1918
MILLER Harry Leading Seaman 183707 Royal Navy HMS Ettrick 07/07/1917
MILLER Phillip Harris Donkeyman Mercantile Marine SS Adenwen 25/03/1917
MILLS Robert Charles Private G/38132 West Surrey Regiment 11th Battalion 01/08/1917
MINAHAN Michael CSM L/6046 East Surrey Regiment 1st Battalion 14/10/1916
MINCHINGTON Clarence George Sergeant 4364 Royal Irish Rifles 7th Battalion 24/04/1917
MINVIELLE Jean Baptiste
MISSON John Philip Corporal Royal Militia of the Island of Jersey Engineer Company 23/09/1916
MOBRY Louis Marie François Soldat 1482 French Infantry 271st Regiment 05/10/1914
MOIGNARD Albert Victor Private 8579 Hampshire Regiment 2nd Battalion 04/06/1915
MOIGNARD Arthur H Private 203157 East Yorkshire Regiment 1st/4th Battalion 30/03/1918
MOIGNARD George Private M/339367 Royal Army Service Corps Mechanical Transport Stores Depot 23/12/1917
MONTROSE Henry Fireman and Trimmer Mercantile Marine SS Tandil 12/03/1917
MONYPENNY Phillips Burney Sterndale Gybbon Lieutenant Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment) 1st Battalion 28/06/1918
MOORE Reginald Able Seaman J41044 Royal Navy HMS Princess Alberta 21/02/1917
MORCEL Hedley Augustus Ordinary Seaman J91014 Royal Navy HM Drifter "Catspaw" 31/12/1919
MORCET Jean Louis François Julien Soldat 2nd Class 11794 French Infantry 26th Regiment 20/08/1917
MOREL Emile Henry Rifleman R/5859 King's Royal Rifle Corps 7th Battalion 09/12/1915
MORIN Jean Mathurin Soldat 2nd Class 2898 French Infantry 354th Regiment 22/05/1916
MORRIS Frederick Private 249 London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers) 9th Battalion 07/07/1916
MOSS Walter Private G/35503 Royal Sussex Regiment 3rd Battalion 28/02/1919
MOSSOP Charles Stanley Lieutenant Royal Air Force 243 Squadron Killed 12/08/1918
MOULIN Peter M Private 202915 Wiltshire Regiment 1st Battalion 08/10/1918
MOULTRIE Lionel Geoffrey Fergusson Midshipman Royal Navy HMS "Valiant" 23/04/1919
MOURANT Jack Private 40624 Hampshire Regiment 1st/6th Battalion 09/11/1918
MOURANT Thomas George Private 29525 Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry 1st Battalion 30/06/1918
MOXLY John Hewitt Sutton Second Lieutenant Bedfordshire Regiment 1st Battalion 12/03/1915
MOY Joseph Marie Private 4359 Royal Irish Rifles 2nd Battalion 23/11/1917
MOYLAN William Private 8978 Leicestershire Regiment 2nd Battalion 24/11/1914
MOYSE William Philip Leading Seaman 201282 Royal Navy HMS Black Prince 31/05/1916
MUNSON Edwin Seaman Mercantile Marine SS Norfolk Coast 18/06/1918
MURPHY Edward John Sergeant 9521 Royal Munster Fusiliers 2nd Battalion 21/03/1918
MUSCOTT John Godfrey Third Officer Mercantile Marine SS Panayiotis 18/10/1918
MUSPRATT Frederic Private 1729 Australian Infantry 47th Battalion 06/08/1916
MUTTON Harold C Private 1367 Royal Engineers 29/12/1916
MYERSCOUGH John Private PLY/1361(S) Royal Marine Light Infantry 1st RM Bn. RN. Div. 28/04/1917

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