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Edwin Perchard
Sydney Perchard
Bert Perriam
PAINE Ernest Louis Evelyn Captain King's Own Royal Lancaster Regiment? 08/04/1917
PAKENHAM Charles John Wingfield Lieutenant Hampshire Regiment 2nd Battalion 30/04/1915
PALLISTER John Edward Lieut-Commander Royal Naval Reserve HM Tug Sir Hugh Bell 01/07/1915
PALLOT Alfred Private 58523 Essex Regiment 3rd Battalion 14/02/1919
PALLOT Ernest Philip Private 515335 London Regiment (London Scottish) 14th Battalion 23/11/1917
PALLOT Philip Henry Private 18230 Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry 1st Battalion 07/12/1915
PALMER George Able Seaman 197816 Royal Navy HMS Good Hope 01/11/1914
PARKER Charles Walter Rifleman 8054 Royal Irish Rifles 7th Battalion 04/03/1917
PARKMAN Edward John Corporal 14106 Royal Garrison Artillery 56th Siege Battery 23/05/1918
PARR George Henry Private 9789 Devonshire Regiment 1st Battalion 24/12/1914
PARSONS George Private 203053 Yorkshire Regiment 4th Battalion 08/04/1918
PAUL Gustave
PAUTREL Rene Arsene Victor Sous Lieutenant 5782 French Infantry 124th Regiment 22/05/1916
PAYN John De Caux Bailleine Private 6971 South African Infantry 1st Battalion 04/03/1916
PEARCE George Edward Lance Corporal 4185 Royal Irish Rifles 7th Battalion 09/09/1916
PEARSE Harold Frank Private 32680 Hampshire Regiment 2nd Battalion 23/04/1917
PEART William T Private 59633 Welsh Regiment 06/01/1919
PEMBERTON Algernon George Private 3781 London Regiment (Artists' Rifles) 28th Battalion 15/07/1915
PENNEC Albert Private 19939 Canadian Infantry (Alberta Regiment) 10th Battalion 20/10/1918
PENNEY Horace Edgar Private TF/293272 Middlesex Regiment 21st Battalion 09/04/1918
PERCHARD Charles Sergeant G/23193 Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment) 2nd Battalion 07/08/1918
PERCHARD Edwin William Private 38679 Hampshire Regiment 1st Battalion 04/10/1917
PERCHARD Sydney John Private 29519 Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry 1st Battalion 06/11/1917
PERKINS Bernard St George Lieutenant Essex Regiment 1st Battalion attached 9th Battalion 10/08/1918
PERKINS Thomas Alfred CSM 6589 Royal Berkshire Regiment 5th Battalion 06/10/1916
PERKINS Thomas T Colour Sergeant 10451 Royal Berkshire Regiment Depot 02/03/1915
PERKINS Walter Charles Private 9039 Royal Berkshire Regiment 1st Battalion 17/05/1915
PERRIAM Bert Private 29672 Loyal North Lancashire Regiment 8th Battalion 07/06/1917
PERRIN Thomas Frederick Captain Royal Engineers Inland Water Transport 24/07/1917
PETTIFER Charles Henry Gunner 77232 Royal Horse Artillery "B" Battery 15th Brigade 27/07/1917
PETTIFER Henry Ernest Sergeant L/11802 Middlesex Regiment 3rd Battalion 10/04/1915
PEYTON John Algernon Wynyard Lieutenant Norfolk Regiment 7th Battalion 22/08/1918
PEYTON Montague Frank Second Lieutenant Northumberland Fusiliers 19th Battalion 12/07/1917
PEZET Adolphus Sapper 22734 Royal Engineers 56th Field Company 12/03/1915
PHILLIPS Martin Oliver Private 1817 Australian Infantry 13th Battalion 22/08/1915
PHILLPOT Francis Edward Private 2850 East Surrey Regiment 2nd Battalion 09/05/1915
PICOT George Charles Rifleman 4184 Royal Irish Rifles 7th Battalion 09/03/1917
PICOT George Philip Able Seaman 153356 Royal Navy RFA Kharki 16/11/1914
PIERSON Alfred Airman 3rd Class 80674 Royal Flying Corps 47th Kite Balloon Section 05/03/1918
PIKE Douglas Stanley Rifleman R/1747 King's Royal Rifle Corps 17th Battalion 24/03/1918
PINEL Philip John Private 7316 Australian Infantry 47th Battalion 28/03/1918
PIPON John Rutherford Lieutenant Royal Naval Reserve HMS Victory 05/02/1919
PIROUET Arthur John Francis Sergeant 4234 Royal Irish Rifles 7th Battalion 12/09/1916
PIROUET Charles Anthony Private Dorsetshire Regiment 30/10/1918
PIROUET John Private 452069 Canadian Infantry (Central Ontario Regiment) 58th Battalion 13/06/1916
PITMAN James Private 514295 London Scottish 1st/14th Battalion 05/05/1917
PLUCK Douglas Sergeant 1149 Royal Fusiliers 9th Battalion 03/05/1917
POCOCK Malcolm Robertson Lieutenant-Colonel 28th Punjabis 05/11/1917
PODGER Fred Private 473012 London Regiment (The Rangers) 12th Battalion 16/08/1917
POEZEVARA Joseph Marie Soldat 2nd Class 381 French Infantry 404th Regiment 20/11/1915
POIGNARD John Francis Private 48531 Wiltshire Regiment 3rd Battalion 26/11/1918
POINGDESTRE Alfred Lieutenant-Colonel Royal Militia of the Island of Jersey 2nd (or East) Battalion 11/02/1915
POINGDESTRE Philip Stoker SS115094 Royal Navy HMS Queen Mary 31/05/1916
POLING Charles William Bombardier RMA/8476 Royal Marine Artillery HMS Good Hope 01/11/1914
POLLOCK George Henry Lieutenant South Staffordshire Regiment 4th Battalion 18/06/1915
POLLOCK John Sergeant 15430 Royal Army Medical Corps 19th Field Ambulance 28/06/1915
POMMERET Francis Ange Private 16858 Devonshire Regiment 2nd Battalion 07/01/1917
POPE Philip Gladstone Lieutenant Royal Field Artillery 31st Brigade 16/10/1917
POREE Paul Jean Augustus Sapper 202264 Royal Engineers Inland Water Transport 12/07/1917
POTIER Herbert Winter Private 31193 Dorsetshire Regiment 1st Battalion 11/08/1918
POUILLEUL Jean Marie Joseph Caporal Farrier 2976 French Infantry 130th Regiment 27/09/1915
POUSSlN Leon Pierre Marie Alexandre Soldat 0442 French Infantry 1st Colonial Regiment 22/08/1914
POWELL Brian Baden Lieutenant 69th Punjabis 1st Battalion 11/01/1920
POWER Herbert Captain Northamptonshire Regiment 1st Battalion 12/03/1915
POYNDER Robert Hamilton Lieutenant South Staffordshire Regiment 4th Battalion - Attached 2nd Battalion 24/03/1918
PRALLE Arthur Charles Leading Stoker 209348 Royal Navy HMS Black Prince 31/05/1916
PRESTON George Private 45092 Royal Berkshire Regiment 5th Battalion 19/09/1918
PRESTON Wilfred Henry John Gunner 184240 Royal Field Artillery C Battery 47th Brigade 21/05/1919
PRIEST Josiah Private 53475 Durham Light Infantry 1st/8th Battalion 10/04/1917
PRIESTWOOD Harold George Sergeant 37962 Royal Horse Artillery "C" Battery 69th Brigade 13/07/1917
PRIGENT Joseph Marie Soldat 8505 French Infantry 47th Regiment 14/04/1918
PRIOR Lawrence John Private 39312 Hampshire Regiment 1st Battalion 04/10/1917
PURKIS Henry Samuel Private 3381 Hampshire Regiment 1st/4th Battalion 01/09/1916

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