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Ernest Ruaux and Clara
RABET Jean Baptiste Marie Soldat 14602 French Infantry 79th Territorial Regiment 30/09/1916
RABET Pierre Ernest Private 23258 Royal Irish Fusiliers 7th Battalion 18/03/1916
RADCLIFFE E B (Ethel?) Sister Queen Alexandra's Imperial Military Nursing Service 10/03/1919
RADCLIFFE George Amyas Lieutenant Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders - Attached Royal Flying Corps 17 Squadron 25/04/1917
RAFFRAY Herbert Leonard First Engineer Mercantile Marine SS Echunga (Port Adelaide) 05/09/1917
RALPH Ernest Sergeant 5514 South Staffordshire Regiment 4th Battalion 12/10/1914
RANDALL Mervyn Gregory Second Lieutenant North Staffordshire Regiment 8th Battalion 06/06/1918
RAULT Nellie Florence Ruby Worker 20425 Queen Mary's Auxiliary Army Corps Attached Royal Engineers Signal Depot - Haynes Park 09/05/1919
RAULT Pierre Marie Fran├žois Soldat 2nd Class 018775 French Infantry 271st Regiment 25/11/1914
RECKITT Charles Edward Surgeon Royal Navy HMS Victory I 20/01/1917
REDDEN John Sapper 5453 Canadian Engineers 2nd Field Company 27/04/1915
REED Albert Second Lieutenant
REED Albert Winter Petty Officer 220843 Royal Navy HMS Invincible 31/05/1916
REED Albert William Gunner 940704 Royal Field Artillery "D" Bty. 251st Bde. 06/04/1917
REEVE Charles Sims Captain East Surrey Regiment 2nd Battalion 14/02/1915
REEVE William Tankerville Monypenny Lieutenant Colonel Leinster Regiment 2nd Battalion 28/09/1915
REEVES Geoffrey Frederick John Second Lieutenant Hampshire Regiment 2nd Battalion 06/06/1915
REGIS Gabriel
REGNAULT Alphonse Arsene Albert Soldat 5457 French Infantry 36th Regiment 22/08/1914
REID Fergus Hamilton Captain Royal Garrison Artillery 59th Siege Bty 16/05/1915
REID Hugh Douglas RSM 220 2nd King Edward's Horse 20/02/1917
REMY William George Private 449051 Labour Corps 125th Company 05/03/1919
RENAULT Francois
RENAULT Joseph Victor Marie Soldat 2nd Class 06314 French Infantry 71st Regiment 11/05/1915
RENAUT Jean Marie Jules Soldat 2nd Class 12635 French Infantry 49th Regiment 14/07/1916
RENDALL William George Private 18931 Royal Marine Light Infantry 6th Battalion 27/08/1919
RENOUF Alfred John Gunner 162637 Royal Garrison Artillery 144th Heavy Battery 28/03/1918
RENOUF Edward Lieutenant Canadian Infantry (Central Ontario Regiment) 54th Battalion 19/10/1916
RENOUF Francis (Frank) George Private G/36 East Kent Regiment 6th Battalion A Company 13/10/1915
RENOUF John De La Cour Sergeant S/15370 Royal Army Service Corps No 2 Field Bakery 26/02/1919
RENOUF Stanley John Private 3616 Australian Pioneers 2nd 16/01/1917
RENOUF Wilford Vautier Private TR8/5476 Training Reserve 34th Battalion 14/05/1917
RENOUF Wilfred James Carpenter Mercantile Marine SS Don Arturo 17/06/1917
REUX Jean Marie Joseph Soldat 2nd Class 2641 French Infantry 74th Territorial Regiment 02/06/1916
REVELL Thomas Private 6703 East Surrey Regiment 1st Battalion 04/02/1915
REVELL Thomas F Private 16322 East Surrey Regiment 13th Battalion 13/10/1916
REYNOLDS Charles Hubert Lance Corporal 17540 Royal Engineers 54th Field Company 03/01/1915
REYNOLDS Harold Robrough Sergeant 4187 Royal Irish Rifles 7th Battalion 06/09/1916
RICE Leonard Private 12467 South Africa South African Infantry 4th Regiment 03/07/1918
RICHARDS Albert Rifleman 4192 Royal Irish Rifles 7th Battalion 12/05/1915
RICHARDS Alfred Samuel Lance Corporal 9232 Yorkshire Regiment 1st Battalion 08/09/1917
RICHARDS Harry George Private 30012 Hampshire Regiment 2nd Battalion 10/04/1918
RICHARDS John James Private 8149 Border Regiment 2nd Battalion 29/04/1915
RICHARDS Keen Alma Private 12396 East Surrey Regiment 12th Battalion 28/09/1916
RICHARDSON Laurence Private 7685 Highland Light Infantry 2nd Battalion 12/11/1914
RICHARDSON Ruskin John Robert Lieutenant South Staffordshire Regiment 3rd Battalion - Attached 2nd Battalion 25/09/1915
RICHOMME Alfred George Private 29877 Dorsetshire Regiment 1st Battalion 29/09/1918
RICKETT Arthur Henry Able Seaman 190277 Royal Navy HMS Britannia 09/11/1918
RICOU Raymond Robert Ordinary Seaman J25679 Royal Navy HMS Albion 08/09/1915
RISBRIDGER William George Private 4361 Royal Irish Rifles 7th Battalion 16/08/1917
ROACH James Henry Private 3/8615 Bedfordshire Regiment 2nd Battalion 12/03/1915
ROBERT Charles Thomas Corporal 50423 Royal Warwickshire Regiment 14th Battalion 08/07/1918
ROBERT Francis Philip Private 46512 Wiltshire Regiment 3rd Battalion 03/11/1918
ROBERT Henry George Private 668 Royal Jersey Garrison Battalion 29/10/1918
ROBERTS Frederick Charles Private 53686 York and Lancaster Regiment 18th Battalion 02/10/1918
ROBERTS George Private 6209 Devonshire Regiment 1st Battalion 22/10/1914
ROBERTS John Maurice Sapper WR/320424 Royal Engineers Inland Waterways and Docks 04/02/1919
ROBERTSON John William Private GS/87152 Royal Fusiliers 4th Battalion 31/08/1918
ROBERTSON Robert Frederick Quartermaster Sergeant 1498 Royal Field Artillery 3rd/1st Wessex Brigade 02/03/1916
ROBIN Charles Harold Captain Royal Militia of the Island of Jersey 2nd (or East) Battalion 11/05/1917
ROBINSON Harry Charles Corporal 150267 Royal Garrison Artillery 328th Siege Battery 17/05/1918
ROBSON Ernest William Lance Corporal 203331 Oxford & Buckinghamshire Light Infantry 1st/4th Battalion 15/06/1918
ROCHE John Private 43969 Hampshire Regiment 1st Battalion 20/05/1918
RODDA Albert Edward Sapper 304211 Royal Engineers 575th Works Company 06/01/1919
RODDY Edwin Lewis Major Cheshire Regiment 1st Battalion 03/07/1919
ROE Cyril Charles Lieutenant Royal Marine Light Infantry 1st Battalion 28/04/1917
ROGERS Arthur Llewellyn Rifleman 4194 Royal Irish Rifles 7th Battalion 16/05/1916
ROGERS Charles Alfred Private 10/733 Wellington Regiment 1st Battalion 25/09/1916
ROGERS Henry Private 240972 Hampshire Regiment 1st/4th Battalion 21/01/1916
ROGERS Herbert James Leading Seaman 230256 Royal Navy HMS Princess Irene 27/05/1915
ROMERIL William Private 432485 Canadian Infantry (Alberta Regiment) 49th Battalion 09/10/1916
RONDEL Clarence Philip Private 8/40130 Devonshire Regiment 53rd Battalion (TR?) 02/11/1918
RONDEL Clement John Private 41392 Hampshire Regiment 1st Battalion 22/04/1918
RONDEL Pierre Marie Ange Soldat 2nd Class 020340 French Infantry 2nd Colonial Regiment 30/01/1915
ROSS Fleetwood George Campbell Major 2nd King Edward's Own Gurkha Rifles (The Sirmoor Rifles) 02/11/1914
ROSS Roland Stanley Private 29/09/1917
ROUAULT Laurent Pierre Soldat 2nd Class 09466 French Infantry 71st Regiment 08/08/1916
ROUND Henry Barrington Captain Canadian Infantry (Alberta Regiment) 49th Battalion 01/07/1921
ROUX Maurice
ROWE Albert Rifleman C/6437 King's Royal Rifle Corps 18th Battalion 15/09/1916
ROWE Frank Lance Corporal 8371 Hampshire Regiment 2nd Battalion 04/06/1915
ROWE Walter Frederick Private 7463 Royal Munster Fusiliers 2nd Battalion 29/03/1918
RUAUX Ernest William Leading Seaman 205600 Royal Navy HM Submarine E18 11/06/1916
RUMFITT Arthur Thomas Drummer 9797 Coldstream Guards 1st Battalion 25/01/1915
RUMSEY Archibald Dingle Rifleman 324271 London Regiment (City of London Rifles) 2nd/6th Battalion 23/09/1917
RUMSEY Arthur Ernest Second Engineer Mercantile Marine SS Manchuria 17/10/1917
RUMSEY Frederick Harold Stoker - 1st Class K20868 Royal Navy HM Trawler Ralco 06/10/1918
RUMSEY Samuel Edward Chief Cook 341501 Royal Navy HMS Defence 31/05/1916
RUNDLE Cubitt Noel Second Lieutenant South Wales Borderers 2nd Battalion 19/06/1915
RUNDLE Cubitt Sindall Lieutenant-Colonel Royal Army Medical Corps 11/11/1916
RYLEY Herbert Frank Brownlow Captain Loyal North Lancashire Regiment 1st Battalion 02/11/1914
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