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'Jimmy' Scoones
SADLER Arthur Rubin Able Seaman Mercantile Marine SS Veto
SADOT Alfred John Private 5535 Rifle Brigade 1st Battalion 12/07/1915
SALAUN Alfred Soldat 9247 French Infantry 254th Regiment 02/07/1916
SALMON Albert John Private 145 Royal Guernsey Light Infantry 1st Battalion 13/04/1918
SALMON Alfred James Private 21901 Royal Irish Fusiliers 7th Battalion 10/09/1916
SALMON George Henry Private 2516 Royal Guernsey Light Infantry 1st Battalion 12/04/1918
SALMON Walter John Lance Corporal 10809 Royal Fusiliers 9th Battalion 01/01/1916
SAMSON Clyde Alfred Sergeant 760146 London Regiment (Artists Rifles) 28th Battalion 23/02/1917
SANDILANDS James Orde Private 148671 Canadian Infantry 78th Battalion 28/11/1916
SANDREY Thomas Henry Private M/331830 Royal Army Service Corps. attd. V Corps Heavy Artillery Siege Park 05/12/1918
SANGAN Peter Edward Sergeant 44587 102nd Brigade 21/05/1916
SAUNDERS Stanley Roland Lance Sergeant PO/11383 Royal Marine Light Infantry HMS Good Hope 01/11/1914
SAUVAGE Peter John Corporal 20581 Royal Engineers 23rd Field Company 28/09/1918
SCOONES Christopher James Philip Rifleman 4201 Royal Irish Rifles 7th Battalion 24/11/1917
SCOTT Edward Claud Lieutenant Royal Garrison Artillery 5th Siege Battery 21/11/1914
SCOTT Richard Rifleman 4198 Royal Irish Rifles 7th Battalion 09/09/1916
SEABY Archibald Richard Gunner 59684 Royal Garrison Artillery 13th Heavy Battery 24/07/1917
SEARLE Christopher Robert Gunner 114607 Royal Field Artillery 41st Battery 42nd Brigade 26/10/1918
SEATH Douglas Ambrose Lieutenant Scottish Rifles 2nd Battalion 23/04/1917
SEGAUD Fran├žois Soldat - 1st Class 14548 French Infantry 69th Regiment 10/06/1918
SELLIER Henri Lucien Private 433151 Canadian Infantry (Alberta Regiment) 49th Battalion 10/10/1916
SEWELL Frederick Lance Corporal 37334 South Lancashire Regiment 2nd Battalion 22/03/1918
SHARP William CSM 5811 King's Own Royal Lancaster Regiment 1st Battalion 26/08/1914
SHARPLES John Private 9487 King's Own Royal Lancaster Regiment 8th Battalion 18/07/1916
SHEPHERD John Seth Driver 62667 Royal Field Artillery 37th Battery 27th Brigade 25/08/1918
SHIERS Samuel George Private 669764 Canadian Infantry 166th Battalion 10/04/1916
SIMON Charles Stanley Private 39336 Hampshire Regiment 1st Battalion 04/10/1917
SIMON Eric Lance Corporal G/7466 Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment) 8th Battalion 09/09/1917
SIMON Frederic Eugene Aimable Soldat 3713 French Infantry 77th Territorial Regiment 24/01/1916
SIMON Henry Francis Second Mate Mercantile Marine SS Braeside 05/12/1917
SIMON William Irvine Private S/27119 Cameron Highlanders 5th Battalion 13/04/1918
SIMONET Harold Keith Captain Sherwood Foresters 1st/8th Battalion 29/04/1918
SIMONET Kenneth William Lee Major Yorkshire Regiment 1st Battalion 22/01/1916
SINGLE Harold Winter William Private 22590 Wiltshire Regiment 6th Battalion 18/04/1918
SINGLE Walter Dale Private 29487 Dorsetshire Regiment 2nd Battalion 19/09/1918
SIOUVILLE John Francis Private 203390 Royal Berkshire Regiment 5th Battalion 22/09/1918
SLADE-BAKER Robert Cunynghame Lieutenant Royal Berkshire Regiment 1st Battalion 19/08/1917
SLEE George R Sergeant 7633 Devonshire Regiment 1st Battalion 09/05/1917
SMALL Arthur Private 10044 Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry 1st Battalion 09/09/1914
SMITH Alfred Private PO/15494 Royal Marine Light Infantry HMS Hampshire 05/06/1916
SMITH Alfred Petty Officer 1st Class 155565 Royal Navy HMS Good Hope 01/11/1914
SMITH Ernest Duhamel Private 372066 London Regiment (Post Office Rifles) 8th Battalion 07/10/1916
SMITH Francis Henry Private 123201 Canadian Infantry (Central Ontario Regiment) 58th Battalion 22/09/1916
SMITH George Harry Private 630409 London Regiment 1st/20th Battalion 24/08/1918
SMITH Harold Thomas Private 29470 Somerset Light Infantry 7th Battalion 23/03/1918
SMITH Henry Thomas Bayard Second Lieutenant 4th (Queen's Own) Hussars Attached 9th Battalion Tank Corps 25/03/1918
SMITH Herbert Wallace Private 841710 London Regiment attd. 12th Battalion 02/04/1918
SMITH Joseph James Sergeant 163257 Canadian Infantry (Central Ontario Regiment) 75th Battalion 02/12/1916
SMITH Percy Oliver Sapper 270543 Royal Engineers 19/06/1918
SMITH Thomas Frank Lance Corporal 17578 Welsh Regiment 14th Battalion 27/08/1918
SMITH Walter Private 39310 Hampshire Regiment 1st Battalion 21/10/1918
SMITH William Pearce Bombardier 58001 Royal Field Artillery 82nd Battery 05/05/1918
SMITH Bert W Private 5314 King's Own Royal Lancaster Regiment 2nd Battalion 21/04/1915
SNOW Raymond Hamilton Lance Corporal 9549 Hampshire Regiment 3rd Battalion 30/06/1918
SOHIER Bernard Private 408719 Canadian Infantry (Central Ontario Regiment) 19th Battalion 11/09/1916
SOHIER Harry Lyman Sergeant 9848 Devonshire Regiment 2nd Battalion 14/04/1917
SOLLETT Cyril Private 9109 Dorsetshire Regiment 2nd Battalion 22/07/1916
SPILLER James Able Seaman 139366 Royal Navy HMS Monmouth 01/11/1914
SPROTT James William Lennox Captain Black Watch (Royal Highlanders) 2nd Battalion attd 1st Battalion 11/11/1914
SPROTT Maurice William Campbell Captain Norfolk Regiment 9th Battalion 21/03/1918
SQUARE Charles Frank Private 566 Royal Guernsey Light Infantry 1st Battalion 25/11/1917
STANBURY Arthur Alfred Private 29517 Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry 1st Battalion 06/11/1917
STANLEY Edmond Talbot Major Devonshire Regiment 11th Battalion 27/02/1919
STEELE John Private 33262 Cameronians 9th Battalion 23/03/1918
STENT Everard Chandler Bombardier 226233 Royal Field Artillery 30th Battery 27/10/1918
STEPHENS Charles Albert Private 260055 Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry 1st Battalion 11/06/1917
STEVENS Neville Claude Gunner 77293 Royal Horse Artillery "K" Battery 4th Brigade 01/04/1918
STEVENS Reginald Walter Morton Captain Royal Irish Rifles Bde Major 9th Brigade 28/08/1914
STEVENSON Richard John Second Lieutenant Hampshire Regiment 3rd Battalion - Attached 1st Battalion 10/05/1918
STEWART John Houghton Lieutenant Royal Inniskillen Fusiliers 2nd Battalion 16/05/1915
STOKES Richard Gunner 128468 Royal Field Artillery D Battery 88 Brigade 01/10/1917
STOKES William Thomas Able Seaman 205257 Royal Navy HMS Viknor 15/01/1915
STONE Albert CSM 5119 Devonshire Regiment 1st Battalion 24/11/1914
STONE Frederick William Engineer Sub-Lieutenant Royal Naval Reserve HM Yacht Zaida 17/08/1916
STRANGER Harry Easterbrook Knollys Acting Captain Royal Guernsey Light Infantry 1st Battalion 11/05/1918
SULLIVAN Edward Sergeant 5481 Cheshire Regiment 2nd Battalion 03/02/1915
SWEENEY William Denis Lance Corporal 4196 Royal Irish Rifles 7th Battalion 06/09/1916
SWIFT Frederick Ernest Gunner 50339 Royal Field Artillery 51st Battery 18/11/1914
SYMONDS Harry Gordon Private L/11842 Middlesex Regiment 11th Battalion 05/03/1916
SYVRET Arthur John Corporal 605 Australian Pioneers 1st 25/12/1916
SYVRET Edward Hocquard Private Royal Militia of the Island of Jersey 3rd (or Town) Battalion 24/05/1915
SYVRET Francis Philip Private 434598 Canadian Infantry (Alberta Regiment) 10th Battalion 26/09/1916
SYVRET Francis Philip Air Mechanic 2nd Class 80548 Royal Air Force 23rd Aircraft Repair Shop 24/06/1918
SYVRET Henry Charles Private 4935 Royal Welsh Fusiliers 1st Battalion 16/05/1915
SYVRET Horace Stanley Private M2/151085 Royal Army Service Corps 402nd Mechanical Transport Company 29/09/1918
SYVRET Stanley de Beauvais Lieutenant Royal Scots Fusiliers 14/05/1918
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