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Frank Reginald Wheway
Joe Whitworth
Ingouville Williams

WAKEHAM Albert Corporal 9396 Yorkshire Regiment 30/09/1915
WAKEHAM John Private 79465 Canadian Infantry (Alberta Regiment) 31st Battalion 25/05/1916
WAKLEY Alfred Edward CERA 1st Class 269226 Royal Navy HMS Indefatigable 31/05/1916
WAKLEY William James Stoker - 1st Class 305204 Royal Navy HMS Fortune 31/05/1916
WALDEN Harold Eugene Montague Second Mate Mercantile Marine SS Rappahannock 17/10/1916
WALDEN Henry Thomas Private 4625 Australian Infantry 45th Battalion 12/10/1917
WALDTHAUSEN Charles Adolphe Caporal 5852 French Infantry 113th Regiment 23/09/1915
WALKER John Lance Corporal 63380 King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry 2nd/4th Battalion 28/08/1918
WALLACE Arthur Edward Private 6346 Royal Fusiliers 1st Battalion 01/06/1916
WALLACE John Albert Private 281109 Hampshire Regiment 1st/4th Battalion 06/08/1918
WALLACE Reginald Charles Private 33162 Essex Regiment 10th Battalion 01/06/1918
WALLSER Henry Private 8854 Devonshire Regiment 2nd Battalion 13/03/1915
WALMSLEY Walter Alfred Rifleman 11937 King's Royal Rifle Corps 1st Battalion 10/03/1915
WALSH Patrick Rifleman 9957 Royal Irish Rifles 1st Battalion 09/05/1915
WALTON John T RSM 97120 Royal Garrison Artillery 98 Brigade HQ 04/11/1918
WARD Harold James Private 418034 Canadian Infantry (Quebec Regiment) 42nd Battalion 29/08/1918
WARD Leslie Charles CQMS 9321 East Surrey Regiment 1st Battalion 09/06/1918
WARD Richard Dunstan Sapper 1153 Australian Engineers 8th Field Company 17/07/1916
WARE Denys Charles Captain Royal Air Force 209 Squadron 20/09/1918
WARNE Albert E Private 17019 North Staffordhire Regiment 1st Battalion 18/08/1916
WARR Charles Private 8629 Devonshire Regiment 1st Battalion 30/10/1914
WARREN Adolphus Herbert Rifleman 371453 London Regiment (Post Office Rifles) 2nd/8th Battalion 16/05/1917
WARREN Arthur Ernest Corporal 54318 Lancashire Fusiliers 10th Battalion 10/11/1918
WARREN Frederick George Bombardier 47503 Royal Garrison Artillery 129th Battery 42nd Brigade 26/04/1917
WARREN John Edward Gunner 618292 Royal Horse Artillery 1st/1st (Hampshire) Battery 20th Brigade 16/10/1918
WARREN William Arthur Rifleman 4221 Royal Irish Rifles 7th Battalion 13/06/1916
WATKINS Stephen John Private 30293 Dorsetshire Regiment 1st Battalion 14/06/1918
WATSON Eric Private 240957 Yorkshire Regiment 5th Battalion 05/03/1917
WATSON Vesey Clayhills Captain Royal Field Artillery 19th Battery 11/04/1917
WATTS Archibald Grant Ordinary Seaman J26887 Royal Navy HMS Hampshire 05/06/1916
WAUGH Wallace Helier Steward Mercantile Marine SS Normandy 25/01/1918
WAVELL Percy Mansall James Private 9321 Oxford & Buckinghamshire Light Infantry 1st Battalion 08/05/1916
WEBB Arthur Lance Sergeant 11533 King's Royal Rifle Corps 1st Battalion 10/03/1915
WEBB William Frederick Private 21430 Gloucestershire Regiment 7th Battalion 08/06/1918
WEEKS Archibald Harold Corporal 4215 Royal Irish Rifles 7th Battalion 10/12/1917
WELLS Alfred John Lance Corporal 26310 Machine Gun Corps (Infantry) 44th Company 15/03/1917
WELLS Joseph Leonard Private 3137 Australian Pioneers 3rd Battalion 24/08/1918
WERRY Henry Foard Private 9219 Dorsetshire Regiment 2nd Battalion 21/09/1916
WEST Charles Frederick Arthur Second Lieutenant 7884 East Surrey Regiment 1st/2nd Battalion 04/10/1917
WEST William Charles Rifleman 4220 Royal Irish Rifles 7th Battalion 14/05/1916
WESTON Norman Leslie Hallam Private 477980 Royal Canadian Regiment 25/04/1916
WHERRY Bert Alfred Private 66036 Canadian Infantry (Quebec Regiment) 24th Battalion 15/09/1916
WHEWAY Frank Reginald Second Lieutenant Royal Garrison Artillery 183rd Siege Battery 14/11/1917
WHITE Frederick Albert Private 29735 Dorsetshire Regiment 2nd Battalion 19/09/1918
WHITE Joseph Private 45096 King's Royal Rifle Corps 1st Battalion 08/10/1918
WHITEL John Charles Leading Seaman 180149 Royal Navy Princess Irene 27/05/1915
WHITLEY Alexander Fauvel Lieutenant Royal Garrison Artillery 49th Siege Battery 23/07/1916
WHITLEY Philip Harold Private 2075 East Surrey Regiment 5th Battalion 31/05/1916
WHITLEY Stanley George Private 47259 Auckland Regiment 2nd Battalion 11/10/1918
WHITMORE-SEARLE Bertram Second Lieutenant South Staffordshire Regiment 10th Battalion - Attached 4th Battalion 03/10/1915
WHITTLE Thomas John D'Autreau Sergeant 4214 Royal Irish Rifles 7th Battalion 31/10/1918
WHITWORTH Joe Corporal 59497 Sherwood Foresters 15th Battalion 29/10/1917
WILLIAMS Alfred Henry Lance Corporal 43879 Royal Berkshire Regiment 5th Battalion 05/07/1918
WILLIAMS William Langford Private 10076 South Staffordshire Regiment 1st Battalion 19/03/1915
WILSON Charles Samuel Lance Corporal 29809 Machine Gun Corps 171st Company 07/08/1917
WILSON Frank C Corporal 9850 King's Own Royal Lancaster Regiment 6th Battalion 09/02/1917
WINDEBANK Ernest Walter Private 19463 York and Lancaster Regiment 3rd Battalion 10/02/1919
WINSTANLEY Newnham Liebman Lieutenant South Staffordshire Regiment 4th Battalion 14/11/1916
WITHY Samuel Private 2153 Australian Infantry A.I.F. 33rd Battalion 10/04/1918
WOONTON Albert Corporal 4216 Royal Irish Rifles 7th Battalion 16/08/1917
WOONTON George Samuel Sergeant 70059 Canadian Infantry (New Brunswick Regiment) 26th Battalion 29/03/1915
WOONTON William Private 15573 Dorsetshire Regiment 6th Battalion 15/06/1918
WRIGHT Harry Thomas Able Seaman 203886 Royal Navy HMS Good Hope 01/11/1914
WRIGHT W Private 10492 South Staffordshire Regiment 4th Battalion 07/03/1916 St Helier
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