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History shows that the Scots and the French have frequently been allies against the English, and this allegiance led to a Scottish king leading an attack on the Channel Islands in 1336.

David Bruce, the son of Robert the Bruce, who had been crowned David II of Scotland, was in exile in France when he led the attack on the islands. This led English King Edward II to proclaim: “David Bruce, with other Scots and their adherents, has attacked Jersey and Guernsey, inhumanly committing arson, murder and diverse other atrocities.”

A year later, fearing another attack, Edward ordered the Warden of the Isles, Thomas de Ferrers, to assemble a local force which could repel invaders. This force is believed to have been the foundation of the Jersey Militia. Fortunately it was not needed on this occasion because Bruce set out to reclaim his throne in Scotland and the French were preoccupied with the fight against England during the Hundred Years War.

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