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Henry de Cobham's accounts

Sir Henry de Cobham Warden of the Isles 1294-1297

Henry de Cobham may have Warden or the Warden's lieutenant. A letter survives addressed to him as Warden's lieutenant on 28 August 1295, but from parliamentary records of the 20th of that month it appears that he may actually have been Warden.


The 1st Baron Cobham (1260-1339), he was Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports in 1307. He also held the titles of Sheriff of Kent, Constable of Canterbury, Tonbridge, Dover and Rochester Castles, all in Kent.

Constable of Rochester, for life, 1304; as "Henry de Cobham junior" he was Constable of Dover Castle, and Warden of the Cinque Ports, 1315-16. He was summoned to Parliament from 8 January 1313 to 22 January 1336, by writs directed Henrico de Cobham, whereby he is held to have become Lord Cobham. He sided with Edward II against the rebellious Barons, and presided at Canterbury at the arraignment of Lord Badlesmere as a traitor in 1322. Governor of Tonbridge Castle, 1324.


He was the son of John de Cobham, of Cobham and Cowling, and Sheriff of Kent, by Joan de Septvans. Sometime prior to 1285 Henry married Maud de Moreville, the daughter of Eudes de Moreville, widow of Matthew de Columbers.

He had livery of his father's lands at 10 May 1300. He died on 15 August 1339 in Hatch Beauchamp, Taunton, Somerset.

He married, before July 1285, Maud, widow of Matthew de Columbers, daughter of Eudes de Moreville. His son John was 2nd Baron de Cobham.

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