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Sir John de Golafre Warden of the Isles 1393-1396

Born in about 1351, John Golafre was the illegitimate son of Sir John Golafre, of Fyfield in Berkshire, by his mistress, Janet Pulham. He was a trusted servant of King Richard II and was appointed Warden of the Isles in 1393 in succession to Hugh Calvilegh. It is unlikely that he had any real involvement with the islands because he was sent to Poland in 1394. He spent a year there and on his return he accompanied the King's troops to Ireland.

It seems that the Channel Island appointment must have gone hand-in-hand with the Captaincy of Cherbourg. His appointment by Letters Patent was dated 14 October 1393. The following 1 May two commissioners were designated to obtain possession of the islands for him.

He died on 30 November 1396 and was buried in Westminster next to the place where Richard II would be buried later. His widow married the King's nephew, Edward Count of Rutland, later to become Duke of York, and he was put in charge of the islands as the first Lord of the Isles since Otto de Grandison.


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