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Legend says that a terrible dragon once lived in St Lawrence, killing people and burning houses all over the island. The Seigneur de Hambye in Normandy heard of this dragon and set off to fight him.

Not much is known about the battle, except that the knight attacked and killed the dragon single-handedly, and cut off its head.

Exhausted and wounded, he lay down to rest, while his squire guarded him. But his squire was disloyal, and wanted the glory for himself. He killed his master and buried the body, before returning to Hambye. Once there, he told his master's wife that the dragon had killed the Seigneur, but that he had avenged his death and killed the dragon.

As well as this, he added that the Seigneur's dying wish was that the squire should marry his wife.

But one night, while they lay in bed, the squire cried out in his sleep, and admitted to killing his master. The lady immediately had him brought to trial, the squire confessed, and he was sentenced to death.

The lady then travelled to Jersey, and in St Saviour a mound was raised in memory of the Seigneur - La Hougue de Hambye (Hougue Bie).

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