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Mike. I see you have added an edited version of this Bisson tree and see that my grandfather, Clarence, and grandmother, plus some of my aunts have been added. Per our previous discussions on the original family tree regarding the discrepancy of the father for Albert George Bisson I have a copy of his birth certificate as showing his father is George and mother Mary Elizabeth Le Templier. I can email a copy if that helps to clear this up?

Thank you.

Andy Siouville.

Thanks Andy

No need to send the certificate. I had forgotten our earlier discussion when I added the new tree. I have now interchanged George and Philippe in both trees and hope that I have now got them correct

Great. Thanks Mike. Appreciate that. Did you ever figure out where this tree originated from?


8 Philippe Bisson (1831- ) m (1852) Ann Le Templier (1831- ) daughter of Clement This is still incorrect. Ann Le Templier married George Bisson, not Philippe. After Ann Died, George went on to marry her younger sister Marie Le Templier. This information has checked by CIFHS and looking at the original parish registers.


3. John LeTemplier Bisson Baptism record found. St. Luke’s church. Jersey Heritage; St Helier, Jersery; Jersey Parish Registers; Reference Number: G/C/20/A1/1.

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