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This tree shows John and Elizabeth Carre having two children:

  • John (1826-1894)
  • Ellen Augusta (1830-)

I can find the baptism of Ellen Augusta as the daughter of John and Elizabeth on 28 November 1830, but not the baptism of John in 1826 as the son of John and Elizabeth, or even as the son of John.

I found several years ago the baptism of John, son of John and Rebecca on 15 March 1828, and I believe this is the John Bowden who married Edith Treganza on 10 June 1847 in St Helier.

I believe John and Rebecca had 4 children baptised in Jersey – all images also found on Ancestry:

  • John (15 March 1828- ) (St H), godparents William Waters and Rebecca Bowden
  • Thomas (15 March 1828- ) (St H), godparents – William Smith and Bridget Smith
  • Richard (1 July 1832- ) (St H), godparents Michael Cumin and Harriet Bowden
  • Ann Andrew (14 February 1836- ) (St H), godparents Michael Cummins and Harriet Cummins

They also appear to have had a daughter, Elizabeth, born c1822 and buried at St Helier in 1839.

There are a number of other reason why I believe that the John who married Edith Treganza was the son of John and Rebecca.

On the marriage certificate of John and Edith, John’s occupation is shown as carpenter. On the 1841 St Helier census, John, age shown as 15, is living with Michael Cumming, and his occupation is shown as carpenter’s apprentice. (HO107/1461/book 7/folio 12/page 19 - Charles Street, St Helier)

From Barbara Wilkinson:

On the 1851 census, John is married to Edith, and living at Little Peter Street, St Helier, in the same house as Michael Cummins and his wife, Harriet. There is clearly a connection between John and Michael Cummins who married Harriet Bowden in St Helier in 1833 – see also the godparents of Richard and Ann above. John is shown as a joiner – not a million miles from a carpenter!

In 1841, Rebecca appears to be a widow, living at Dart Place, Ann Street, St Helier with Thomas aged 12 and Richard aged 9 HO017/1461/book 8/folio?/page 27 - Dart Place, Ann Street, St Helier

Rebecca died in 1841 and was buried on 6 December 1841 at St Helier; she is described in the parish register as Rebecca, widow of the late John Bowden.

For a long time, I had no real idea about “the late John Bowden”, since the only possibility in the Jerripedia records was a John Bowden, aged 73 or 78, who was buried on 4 March 1841, and the age of this man did not sit right. John was a sawyer – a very physically demanding job I would have thought, and also this man would have been 30 years older than Rebecca. Not impossible, of course, but unlikely, I thought. When the images of the parish registers appeared on Ancestry, it was obvious a transcription error had occurred and John was really 51 – a much better fit, and now a candidate to be the brother of Harriet (godmother, previously) from St Cleer in Cornwall.

Somewhere between the census of 1851 and 1855, John and Edith moved to England with their young family. Their children were:

  • Horatio (1848-1855) Truro, Cornwall (where Edith was from), he died in 1855 in Great Ormond Street Hospital in London
  • Caroline (1850– ) as shown on the tree on the family page, she married in 1905 in London
  • Orlando (1852–1922) as shown on the tree on the family page, he died in 1922 in Redruth, Cornwall
  • Henry (1854– ) as shown on the tree on the family page, he may have died in 1875, or he may have married in 1881
  • Horatio (1855-1856) London
  • Edith (1859– ) as shown on the tree, she was born in London and married in 1879

Edith, née Treganza, died in 1864 in Friern Barnet, Middlesex; John married again in 1875, and I believe he may have died in 1894.

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