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Charles Simon Bisson founded the Old Soldier in New Street, St Helier.

His son, Charles Stanley Bisson married Iris Lacey of St Peter Port (they met at the Muratti!) had two children, Michael Douglas Le Gros Bisson (b 1933, d 2005) and Ann Bisson.

Michael married Mardie Holmes and had two sons, Simon Henry Le Gros Bisson (b 1965) and Robert Michael Le Gros Bisson (b 1969).

Robert married Carol Douglas and had a daughter, Molly Lacey Bisson (b 2010)

Good to see a Bisson relative joining in. Welcome!

Do I assume that you are Simon? If so, we are fourth cousins, and you and Robert are by far my closest living Bissons. I wrote to your father in 2007 about the relationship but received no reply. I now know why - I did not know that he had died two years earlier.

This is the relevant part of the letter I sent your father:

My father, Roy Le Cras Bisson, was born in Jersey in 1914, the son of Helier Chevalier Bisson. His father was John Le Gros Bisson, whom I believe to be either the first or second son of John Le Gros Bisson and Elizabeth ‘Betsy’ Vibert. His younger brother Charles was, I believe, your great-grandfather and married to Rachel Elizabeth Powell.
My closest cousins on my father’s side are not numerous. His brother Basil never married nor had children and his sister had but a single daughter. Helier Chevalier had a brother Percy who ‘disappeared’ to Canada in his teens, and although I have information on his wife and one son, I have not been able to make any contact with the family.
A generation back, John Le Gros Bisson the younger had eight children, but apart from my great-grandfather John Chevalier Bisson, I have no information about them. They were born between 1859 and 1868, sisters Jane, Mary Ann, Elise and Ellen and brothers Charles, Philip and George.
And then we are back to John Le Gros and Betsy Vibert. John and Charles had, as far as I have been able to ascertain, five sisters, Betsey, Jane, Nancy, Mary Ann and Nancy, and three more brothers, John, Philippe and George. I hope that this coincides with the information you have of your ancestors.
I was born in Nicaragua in 1949, but both my parents were Jersey born and we returned to the island when I was three months old. I have one brother, John, who is a lawyer in Jersey, and I was editor and managing director of the Jersey Evening Post until the late 1990s. For the past seven years I have been living in semi to full retirement in France with my second wife. I have three children by my first wife, who are living in Jersey and England.

I would be delighted to make contact with you. I rarely visit Jersey, but by coincidence was there for a short time two weeks ago. My wife is still there following the birth of a grandson yesterday. While I was there I briefly visited David Le Maistre and Ann, who I assume to be your aunt, to buy a book from him. You can email me direct at


Just to add - Caroline Le Gros Bisson (1857 - 1890) married Eugene J T H Maloret (1860 - ). They had a daughter, Florence E Maloret (1886 - 1918) who married Rene Pestel (1890 - 1925). They had a son - George Edward Pestel (1915 - 1976) who left Jersey and moved to England. It's been interesting researching the Jersey family tree! :-)

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