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Threshing time at Carrefour House - 1890

This not very imaginative name was applied to this house in Rue du Hucquet, St Martin, in the 1970s. It has now reverted to being called Hucquet, having once been known as Hucquet House. Prior to that it was known as Carrefour House. It was the home of the Payn family in the late 19th century, when the magnificent photograph of threshing time was taken.

Payn family notes

St Martin branch (Carrefour House) - researched and complied by Brian Helier Rive, February 2003

My paternal grandmother's (Gertrude Gruchy) parents were Esther Le Sueur Payn and Philip Gruchy.


Payn: The name describes somebody who is "The Heathen One"

The Payns' lineage in Jersey can be traced back to the 12th Century. They are descended from Thibault Payen, Count of Gizors, whose son Hugh Payen, gave by Charter six quarters of rent, derived from his lands in Jersey, to the Abbot of St Mary, near Cherbourg. Hugh was Jurat of the Royal Court, and there has been scarcely a generation of the family without having a representative on the local bench.

In 1350 Raulin Payn was Jurat of the Royal Court, and living at Masion du Colombier, St Lawrence. In 1601 Abraham Payn was Constable of St Martin.

Having concentrated on the Rive families, much work requires to be done to establish the links to this old established family. Our branch appears to have ended with the deaths of John, Esther, and Annie.

The family of Philip and Elizabeth require further investigation, especially Charles and the grandson, first listed in the 1861 census. Whose son was he? Also listed in the 1891 census is a Philip Gruchy as a boarder.

I have always understood that the Lesbirel family are connected with the female line, and it is possible that Elizabeth (Philip jnr's wife) was a Lesbirel and not a Le Sueur. The threshing photograph poses further questions on dates (1889-90?), Was Esther pregnant with Hilda/John at the late age of 41?

In my possession are two items from the Payn family - a small attractive Jersey silver jug, which is inscribed "E Lesbirel”. Philip's wife, or daughter perhaps, was the owner. The second item is a grandfather clock; the clock keeps immaculate time, and dates from 1790-1807.

The long case was made by Peter Poignand of Jersey, who in 1807 was murdered by an English soldier. At the soldier's execution he did not die immediately, and to hasten his death the hangman hung on to his legs. The rope stretched and the soldier’s feet touched the ground, and he did not die. He eventually received the King's pardon.

Le Hucquet House/Carrefour House/Granite House, and now, again, Le Hucquet, are one and the same. It has two datestones, one dated 1620 and one over the main front door: 18 PP ALS 34.

[Editor's note: These stones are HM 1620, possibly for a Malet or Messervy owner, and 18 PP ♥♥ ALS 34 for Philippe Payn of St Martin and Anne Le Sueur of Trinity who married in St Helier on 17 December 1808.]


Gruchy: The family originated from Grouchy, near Brevands France, and is probably an Old Norse name. By the end of the 13th Century, the de Gruchys were well established in the Island. It is believed the Gruchy branch dropped the 'de' during the 15th century. Nearly all, if not all, Gruchy's are descended from a Rauf Gruchy alive in the 1500s. Our Philip was born in St Peter Port Guernsey in 1853,and it is to that Island we need to look for further information. Philip, in the 1901 Census, gives his trade as a carpenter. The family were living at La Bachauderie. It is one of the Island's oldest houses. Gertrude was born, according to my Father, at Le Feverie. In the 1891 census she appears to have a brother and sister. This may be a census error, because the family never mentioned them. They may have have died in infancy. Philip, according to my father, was not a pleasant man, having a quick temper and a weakness for qlcohol. It is believed he committed suicide, probably April 1920.

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