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Island of Jersey


The first group of etchings are taken from an 1870s publication in the Nelson's Pictorial Guide-Books series. The exact date of publication is not known. The copy of the book which can be viewed online is annotated 1884, but given that the title page bears the stamp of the Bodleian Library and the date 1878, the book must have been published in that year, or earlier. The inclusion of the coastal tower in the view of Gorey suggests a date before 1872, which is when the tower is believed to have been demolished. Work began on a jetty at Greve de Lecq in the same year and there is no sign of it in the picture of the bay. However, Corbiere Lighthouse was not constructed until 1873, so it is likely that the images, some of which exhibit a fair degree of artistic licence, were not produced specially for the book. Some have been found in other 19th century publications. Had they been a commissioned set it is likely that they would all have been sepia-toned. It appears that the publishers obtained the pictures from a variety of sources and that they were etchings from drawings produced over a number of years. The inclusion of two almost identical views of St Aubin's Bay, one showing the windmill next to the coastal tower at Bel Royal and the other not, is very strange

A second edition of the book was published in 1884, no doubt being the cause of confusion over the date of the earlier book. This contained a number of small monochrome images, many from the first edition, and 12 full-page images in colour, which make up the second group at the bottom of the page

View the first edition online

View the second edition online

As well as the pictures, they contain pages of information for travellers

Second edition

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